Make Your Voice Heard: Party School Rankings

No question, we’re big fans of Playboy in these parts. Why? How about for reasons such as these?

Hooray for gratitutious photos of hot women!

So when we received this email about Playboy’s open vote (let’s go democracy!) for their rankings for our great nation’s party schools, we had to send it along:

The Playboy Party Schools rankings are a few months away but Playboy?s editors need help deciding which student bodies party the hardest, and find out who has the best sex and nightlife on campus.

College students and alumni nationwide can vote by submitting their application at:

Playboy will throw a party on campus for the winning school, and feature that school in an upcoming issue of the magazine!

There you have it. You all have your walking orders. But before we leave, how about another gratitutious photo of an attractive young lady wearing barely anything? You guys alright with that, by chance?

Thought you’d be.

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