Best Weekend Reading from Around the Web

Best Weekend Reading

The Doritos Hulk!Here is an interesting semi-academic article on what defines a geek.  It gives some good clues to how they talk and what to avoid as to not appear like a geek.  (Thanks to Mark for sending this over)

If you want to stay up to date with what is cool, trendy, and in style I put together a list of some sites you should follow.  Yes, TSB is on the list.

Weekend Eye Candy:  Anne Hathaway looking sexy in GQ

Check out Carlos Xuma’s latest how to be the Badboy video…  check out his girlfriend, who makes a cameo.

Sinn gives a good idea on how to set up a date so that a woman won’t flake.  He also just published a similar post on how to ask a girl for a second date.

The Bachelor Guy published a good article by Dave M on how to create an online dating profile that will fill your mailbox.

Weekend Eye Candy:  The Sexiest Superbowl commercials of all time

Brad Jackson presents The Unified Theory of Attracting Girls.  Speaking of Brad. adding his arsenal of pickup artist magic to your game couldn’t hurt.

Adam Lyons put out a video recently on how to break out of the friend zone fast.

Currently Reading:  The Fountainhead.  Read this book. But we warned, you will learn things about yourself you probably don’t want to know.  I will be writing a post about this as soon as I finish it.

Speaking of reading… If you don’t already own a Kindle.. get one.  It is singularly the best Christmas present I ever received.

Steve Pavlina on how you give your power away.

Weekend Eye Candy:  Meet the Twins

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