The Trick To Lasting 60-90 Minutes In Bed Every Time

A lot of guys struggle with premature ejaculation, but very few have the balls to seek out help for it. And that?s a shame, because it?s a SERIOUS PROBLEM. If you can only last a few minutes in bed, you will never be a great lover in her eyes.

Remember, the most intense orgasms women experience are through intercourse, and if you can?t make her orgasm that way, she can?t help but fantasize about some OTHER guy who could. But if you can last long enough to give her multiple orgasms through intercourse, then you?re guaranteed to be one of the best lovers she?s ever had. And let me tell you, it feels GOOD to leave her happy and exhausted after a long session of orgasmic intercourse ? it makes you feel like you really have what it takes to please her in bed.

The reason why 95% of men FAIL to last more than a few minutes is that they make a critical mistake. And that mistake is:


This leads to men doing things like:

– Thinking about baseball during sex
– Doing math in their heads during sex, and
– Avoiding sex positions which turn them on to reduce their arousal

?Popular wisdom? would say these are all good ways to improve your stamina, but they?re actually terrible ideas for two reasons: First of all, THEY DON?T WORK! If you?ve ever tried doing this, you know that it helps you last for maybe a minute longer, until the pleasure becomes too much for you and you ejaculate anyways.

And second of all, women don?t want to be having sex with a man who?s thinking about baseball. It?s a HUGE turn-off for her. I mean, can you imagine if you were having sex with a girl, and SHE was doing math in her head and thinking about baseball the whole time?


Your sexual stamina actually has NOTHING TO DO with how aroused you are. It is possible to be very aroused and enjoying extreme pleasure, yet still not ejaculate. The root cause of premature ejaculation is actually TENSION, NERVOUSNESS, OR ?EXCITEMENT.??This means that if you can learn to be RELAXED, COMFORTABLE, and PRESENT while you have sex, you can literally last as long as you want.

Think about the last time you had sex with a girl and you were exceptionally tense or excited. Maybe it was a new girl you were having sex with for the first time, or maybe you were feeling some performance anxiety. And think about how long you lasted that time; I?m going to bet it wasn?t as long as you would have liked. THIS is the reason why: your lack of stamina was directly caused by your lack of relaxation. So, the way to get unlimited stamina is very simple: learn how to stay very relaxed (both physically and mentally), even when you?re very aroused.


Now, just REALIZING that becoming more mentally and physically relaxed in bed is the key to great stamina should be a big breakthrough for you. I know it was for me. But I also recognize that it?s much easier said than done.

In the heat of the moment, when you?re feeling those intense sensations of arousal, it?s all too easy to revert back to your old patterns. Even if you intended not to, it can sometimes seem irresistible to get excited and tensed up if you don?t have a plan to deal with these instincts. And if you?re serious about lasting longer in bed, you need to know specific TECHNIQUES and MINDSETS which help you achieve stamina-enhancing relaxation. And the way you do that, is why the Sex God Method.

Now, I can?t get into all 12 strategies in this article; many of them are advanced and build on the knowledge in the Sex God Method e-book. But, I will give you two of the simplest techniques that you can use TONIGHT to start lasting longer in bed. Try these out for yourself, so you can see how effective they are first hand.


Our instinct during sex is to take rapid, shallow breaths. This is very bad for your stamina; it makes it impossible to stay relaxed. This is because this type of breathing is very inefficient at getting oxygen into your body. Your body responds to this lack of oxygen by tensing up, which triggers the ejaculation reflex. A much better idea is to CONSCIOUSLY take slow, deep breaths during sex. A few tips for doing this:

1048– Breathe from your DIAPHRAGM. When you breathe in during sex your STOMACH should expand, not your chest.
-Exhale just as slowly as you inhaled. A rapid exhale when you?re not paying attention can trigger an equally rapid inhale, and then you?re stuck right back in your old habits of rapid breathing again.

The next few times you have sex, focus on your breathing. This will feel a little weird at first, but after a few times consciously focusing on it it?ll begin to come natural to you. This will boost your stamina by 5-10 minutes, and make sex more enjoyable for you as well.


A big realization I made: one reason why it?s so hard for men to last longer in bed is that the very act of thrusting into a woman during intercourse requires that you tense up all the big muscle groups of your hips and abs. This tension triggers the ejaculation reflex.

So this begs the question?.how do you have intercourse, if you?re not thrusting into a woman?

I?ve studied this question a lot, and I?ve come up with a method for doing this called ?Sexual Jiu-Jitsu.??Basically Sexual Jiu-Jitsu is a collection of positions and ways to have sex with a woman don?t require you to thrust into her, but which feel EXACTLY like thrusting to her. These positions allow you to last MUCH longer than you would in regular thrusting intercourse. There are 13 Sexual Jiu-Jitsu positions that you should learn. Here are a few of the basic ones you can start using TONIGHT:

– In the missionary position, put both of your hands underneath her lower back or ass. Then, rock her back and forth by PULLING her onto your cock with your hands (rather than thrusting into her).
– In the doggy style position, rather than thrusting into her 100% of the time, part of the time stay still and PULL her back into you. Grip her hips, and move her back and forth as you stay still. Have her help you with the motion by moving back and forth.

Not only does this improve your sexual stamina, it also prevents the muscle fatigue that can occur when going doggy style as well. You can use regular doggy style until you start feeling tired, then use the ?pulling? doggy style as a break until you?re ready to go again.


So you get the idea: there are TONS of strategies and techniques that you can use to improve your stamina. It?s not something that you have or don?t have ??it?s something that you can GET by doing the right things. And if want to have the superhuman sexual stamina which gets women RAVING about your performances, it all starts here with my book.


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