How To Get Her Into Anal Sex

How to Get a Girl to Try Anal

Ever fantasize about having anal sex with a beautiful woman? I know I did, ESPECIALLY before I was actually having any. From hearing other guys talk about it and from seeing it in porn, it seemed like an exciting, taboo experience I really wanted to try. And before I figured out my system for getting anal sex, I tried innumerable stupid things attempting to get women to go along with it. Some of the things I tried:

– Taking her out to a nice dinner and talking to her about it (somehow, my logical arguments failed to convince her)
– Getting drunk with her then trying it (I was too drunk to get it up, and she just passed out)
– Splashing some lube around and ?accidentally? trying to sneak in the backdoor (yes, I actually tried to do this…needless to say, it wasn?t appreciated)

Slowly though, I began to learn what made women want anal sex and what didn?t. After literally years of trying, I finally got a woman to have anal sex with me for the first time. She was a little nervous at first, but once we got into the rhythm it was amazing. The physical sensations were obviously great, but what really turned me on was how much SHE loved it.

She was moaning VERY loudly with each stroke, and I could tell she was getting off on the ?dirtiness? of the experience. And through using one of the techniques I?ll share with you below, she was actually able to have an anal orgasm the very first time we tried anal sex.


The reason why most men never get anal sex is that they are unable to understand the situation from the woman?s perspective. From her perspective, she?s probably curious about anal sex just as much as you. And she?s probably fantasized about it more than once, and thought about what it would be like to try it with you. But she also has a lot of fears holding her back which most guys are blind to.

First of all, she?s going to be afraid that it will hurt. Chances are she?s heard dozens of anal-sex-gone-bad horror stories from her friends, so this will the first thing she thinks about. Secondly, she?s going to be afraid that there might be bad smells or odors that would cause you to become less attracted to her. Finally, and most importantly, she?s going to be afraid that if she tries anal sex with you, you?re going to think that she?s a slut. She?s going to worry that you?ll lose respect for her if she does anal with you, and that it might damage your relationship.

Women will NEVER tell you about this turmoil of emotions going on inside of them regarding anal sex, because they?re all very irrational, embarrassing feelings. But if you?ve been wondering why she?s seemed averse to anal sex, this is why.


The key to getting her to agree to anal sex is to GET HER VERY AROUSED, AND ONLY THEN INTRODUCE THE IDEA OF ANAL SEX TO HER. This works MUCH better than discussing it outside the bedroom for two reasons:

– If she?s in an aroused state all her fears about anal will be greatly reduced. Her logical mind won?t be inhibiting her like it does outside the bedroom; this will make her more open to doing it.
– Tantalizing her with the possibility of anal sex RIGHT NOW is going to excite her fantasies and desires much more than the possibility of theoretically having anal sex at some point in the future. When you?ve given her an orgasm and she feels your cock against her ass, she?s in a much different state of mind than she?s just contemplating it over dinner.

As you know, I always try to give you techniques which you can use immediately, without needing a ton of background knowledge about the Four Orgasm Trigger Points.

(Of course, if you WOULD like to learn what the Orgasm Trigger Points are and how you can use them to give her orgasms, you can learn more about them here.)

But for now, here?s a quick-and-dirty method for getting anal sex which you can start using TONIGHT:


The best way to introduce anal stimulation is to first get her VERY turned on by whatever you usually do. Then right before she?s about to have an orgasm, lubricate a finger and start to LIGHTLY stimulate the outside of her anus. This will put a unique twist on her orgasm ? and get her curious about anal sex.


I can hear the groans right now. 2-4 weeks?!? But I want anal sex RIGHT NOW!

This is natural, but it is also what?s holding you back from getting it. Although you might be ready for full penetration right now, most women will need MUCH more time. And if you get over-eager and rush things, this is when she?ll balk. You need to gradually accustom her to increasingly intense anal stimulation before she can enjoy something as big as your cock inside there.

So here?s how to do this: each time you have sex, lubricate a finger and penetrate her while you?re having intercourse or giving her oral sex. At first, give her VERY shallow penetration, and only when she?s very turned on. Then as she gets more used to it, you can start giving her deeper, more intense anal stimulation. If you?ve done this right, she?ll REALLY enjoy this when you combine it with vaginal pleasure.

NOTE: When you?re doing this, be sure to use lots of lubrication, otherwise it will be painful for her, which defeats the point of doing it. Also be sure your fingernails are trimmed very closely. If your fingernails are ragged or long, put a condom over your finger to make sure they don?t cut her.


Once she?s very comfortable with having deep, intense anal stimulation with your finger then this is the time to introduce anal sex to her. What you want to do is to start having sex with her as normal, and to give her an orgasm through vaginal intercourse. The entire time, give her anal stimulation just like you?ve been doing for the past 2-4 weeks.

Once she has her orgasm, switch to the doggy style position. Continue thrusting into her vaginally and giving her anal stimulation with your finger for a little while ? then take your cock out of her pussy and press it against her lubricated anus. Then ask her ?baby…do you want me to fuck you up the ass??

Now, normally I don?t advocate asking for permission to do anything in bed. But the first time you have anal with a woman is the exception to this rule. This is because what?s typically lacking the first time you have anal sex with her is COMFORT and RELAXATION. To get her to enjoy it, you need to do everything you can to make her comfortable with the experience. And for something as emotionally intimate and physically intense as anal sex, it helps if she explicitly tells you she wants it.

If you?ve done the necessary 2-4 weeks of groundwork then she?s pretty much guaranteed to say ?yes.? This is because she?s really turned on, and you?ve shown her how good anal stimulation can feel. And now that you?re tantalizing her with the ultimate anal pleasure, the temptation will be way too strong to resist.


You need to go MUCH slower than you think the first time you have anal sex with a girl. Like, it should take you about 5 minutes just to work the head of your cock inside and about 10 minutes to penetrate her fully. When you?re doing this, tell her to just focus on breathing and staying RELAXED. This is essential if she?s going to enjoy the experience. If she?s not relaxed enough, you?ll be able to feel her anal muscles clench up. This is a sign that you?re going to fast for her. Slow down, until you reach a pace where she can accept you into her body without painful anal contractions.

Once you?ve fully penetrated her, slowly start to thrust in and out. As she gets used to it, you can slowly start to increase the pace of your thrusting. But stay gentle…remember COMFORT is going to be the most important thing for her to enjoy it. And again, remember to use lots of LUBRICANT! I recommend Vaseline if you?re not using condoms (it?s long-lasting, and absorbs odors). If you are using condoms, use a thick water-based lube such as K-Y Jelly, or a silicone lubricant.


Once you have anal sex, it?s important that you show her you still respect and care about her. Otherwise, her fear of being seen as a slut will flare up and she might not want to do it again. To do this, make sure to hold her in your arms for at least 5-10 minutes after you have anal sex. Tell her how much you enjoyed exploring anal with her, and how you?re glad you shared such an intimate act together.

Also, be sure to not freak out if there?s any residual brown drip-out. Yes, this does happen when you insert things inside her anus. Later on she can learn how to relieve herself and clean herself out before anal, but for now just show her you realize it?s normal and that her body doesn?t gross you out.


After you have anal sex a few more times, she?ll begin to enjoy it more and more. You?ll be able to work in some of my more advanced psychological techniques (such as dirty talk.) This is when you can start having some REALLY amazing anal sex experiences. There have been girls I?ve been with who can orgasm just from anal sex alone; not every girl can do this, but if you find one it can be amazing.

Another thing I?ve discovered is that nearly ANY girl can orgasm from anal sex when you combine it with vaginal stimulation. These orgasms will feel very unique for her, because of the anal penetration. They?ll also make you feel great as well.

Of course, to do this you need to know the RIGHT way to give her vaginal stimulation during anal sex, and the RIGHT way to talk dirty to her. And you need to know how to turn her on PSYCHOLOGICALLY, so that she gets wet anytime she thinks about you.

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