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Having Fun: The Long Term Solution to Successful Gaming

There?s one key element that seems to missing from the lives of most of the guys I meet. It?s an element that?s so fundamental to our very existence ?- I find it truly amazing it could be missing from anyone?s game ?- and even more so, out of their lives. That element, my friends ? is HAVING FUN!

That?s right?. Fun! Think back: It?s probably your earliest memory ? and your best!

Your whole life revolved around it for probably 20 years or so from age 2 onwards. (Between 0-2 you were likely having fun, but not on purpose as you were too busy pissing and shitting yourself.)

Heck, I?ve been going from age 2 to now ? and I don?t plan on stopping any time soon. So, the questions is, what?s happened that stops people from having fun? The answer is: life happened! That?s right! Making friends, getting into University, getting a job, earning the rent, getting debt, paying off debt, getting fired, buying a house, and so on and so forth.

What happened??Life happened.

And amazingly, having a good time (along with your libido) goes out the window!? And even more amazingly ? most people let it go! Well I say, fuck that!

Every time I leave the house, my goal isn?t to pick up girls. I?ve got a life. My mission is to have?fun while I?m living that life. My mindset when I leave the house is one of playful curiosity and merriment. My goal, if any, is to entertain myself above all others.? It?s not even a goal; it?s a way of?being. It really is that simple. I?m out to enjoy myself. Whether out on my own or with friends. Our goal is the pure amusement of our own group … and anyone else who decides to come along for the ride.

I?ve actually noticed that If I could out there with the attitude that I?m going to ?Pick up chicks? I usually don?t do as well as if I go out seeking to merely entertain myself? ?For a multitude of reasons you?re much more likely to have success if you?re going about your daily life and approaching only when you are truly compelled to do so. First off, some women can tell if you?re an approach machine!

That?s right! If you head out specifically to ?pick up? and approach lots of girls, you may indeed get into a pretty smooth chatty state. This can be advantageous, to a point. However, women can sense if this is something you do often. Also, they can feel if you?ve got a ?goal? while chatting to them. On a couple of occasions I?ve had women ask, ?How often do you do this?? Though I?m sure many more women have thought this than have actually verbalized it.

Furthermore, I find that when I?m out with the goal of ?picking up?, the quality of girls I approach goes down.? This means, the passion and energy that I put into each interaction will also go down. Almost as if by magic, women can tell how interested in them a guy really is. If you?re just ?going through the motions? they?ll know and dismiss you out of hand. I don?t know how they do it, but they do!

Most guys are too busy worrying whether they can ?get somewhere? with the girls, that this usually gets in the way of having any success. If you change your goal to having fun instead of trying to get laid, you will actually massively increase your chances of both and drastically reduce any nights you might look back on as unsuccessful. How can you ever not succeed if your goal was merely your own self amusement? How can you ever see any interaction as a rejection if you were only trying to spread the joy of ?fun??

Furthermore: If your goal is to have fun YOU will never be rejected. It?s impossible for a woman to reject fun. And if she does, what the hell do you want with her anyways? By opening up with good natured humor,? or silliness; not only are you being completely original, you?ll find yourself hooking up with the kind of girl that you want! The beauty of my approach is, I?m automatically qualifying for the type of women I?m looking for! If I?m not funny to them then they?re not attractive to me!

So what do I do when I?m out there entertaining myself? Anything and everything.

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About Sasha PUA Originally hailing from Canada, Sasha is one of the most infamous day gamers in the UK community. He's a professional stand up comic, and has developed his own style of direct game. It's been described as "Original, fast paced, and highly entertaining... " Sasha currently resides in London and regularly teaches personalized, in-field daygame bootcamps all over the globe. He can be found at

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