Awesome Internet Things: “Digital: A Love Story”

The Internet is, mostly, a place for people to congregate to waste time together. (Honestly, is there really a reason we need to see millions of cat videos?) But usually these time-wasters are nothing more than silly quizzes about ?What person from Gilligan?s Island are you?? and lots of porn. But every once in awhile, someone comes along and develops something actually cool and worth wasting your time with. And that today, friends, is ?Digital: A Love Story?.

This is a FREE downloadable game that transports you to that magical place back in, let?s say, 1988, when the Internet was just starting to be used by ordinary common folk, while people were still utilizing awful graphics like in the old Sierra games. (Which isn?t to say they were bad; I?ve already spoken about my affinity to old Sierra games in these parts.) In the game, you get a series of mysterious emails that open up this world of dial-up modem buzzes, actually remembering phone numbers, and parachute pants. (That last one works only if you?re actually wearing parachute pants while playing the game, which is highly recommended.)

In any case, check it out if you need something to kill a few hours. Well worth the time.

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