How To Make Women Say “Yes!” To You EVERYTIME

I?ve talked to hundreds of women about the qualities they find most attractive in men, and a sense of humor is usually the first quality they mention. But are women being phony when they say this? Are they giving this answer because they don?t want to appear shallow, when what they really want is a tall, muscular hunk with a ton of cash? If the ability to make a woman laugh was such a huge turn-on, then wouldn?t stand-up comedians get laid more than rock stars?

We all know guys with a ?class ? personality who are constantly saying hilarious things, and they?re usually the LAST guys to hook up. Women find them amusing, but don?t feel any sexual attraction. Here?s the truth: When women say they love a sense of humor, what they really mean is they love the deeper ATTITUDE that a sense of humor points to.

Guys who are funny, playful and nonchalant around women ? and even better, can bust on women and tease them a little ? are obviously confident and in control of their reality. These guys don?t look to women for approval. They don?t radiate anxiety. They never seem like they NEED to get a woman?s phone number or hook up with her.

This goes back to two principles that in the Persuasion & Mack Mastery Program:

1. Women love men who present a challenge.
. Women are fascinated by men who are ?in demand? and obviously have other romantic/sexual options.

Women, by nature, are jealous and competitive when it comes to men. Give her the sense that she?ll have to step up and WIN you away from other women, and the game is on! A playful, cocky guy radiates this attitude.

Having this attitude means you?ve got to stop second-guessing yourself. You?ve got to squash that little voice in your head that tells you why you SHOULDN?T approach a girl, or try to go to the next level with her. The average guy takes himself WAY too seriously when it comes to women, and is constantly asking himself unnecessary questions:

?Does this shirt look good on me??

?Is she going to get annoyed if I walk up and talk to her??

?What if she has a boyfriend??

?Where should I take her on a date??

?What if we run out of things to talk about??

?If I ask for her phone number, will she think I?m some? stalker??

?Is it too soon to try to touch her??

When you allow your brain to fire off these questions, it DESTROYS your ability to be fun, spontaneous and playful. You?re allowing yourself to be preoccupied by unimportant details, when you SHOULD be asking yourself questions that boost your confidence and remind you to stay sharp and on top of your game:

?This girl is cute, but is she interesting enough for me to date??

?Is she smart and funny enough to hold a conversation with me??

?What can I teach this girl, that she?d never learn from the average guy??

?What should I mention about myself, to really make this girl curious about me??

?How far am I going to take this tonight, and what?s my plan??

Now, in terms of the verbal questions that you ask women, you?ve also got to learn how to ?spin? them to make them effective. When you?re getting to know a girl, and you make a request that she can simply say ?no? to, chances are she will:

Him: Can I buy you a drink?

Her: No.

Him: Can I have your number?

Her: No.

Him: Can I kiss you?

Her: No.

Him: Want to go back to my place?

Her:? Hell no.

Him: Can I see you again?

Her: I?m pretty busy?for the next six months.

One technique is to rephrase your questions so that you give women ?false choices.? This means you are not giving her the chance to say ?no.? You are assuming that she?s going to go with your flow, and implying that. Lead the interaction, and if she?s at all interested in you, or at least curious, she?ll go along with it and never shut you down with a ?no.?

WACK: Can I buy you a drink?
MACK: So tell me something interesting about yourself, that?s going to make me want to have a drink with you.

WACK: We should exchange numbers. (as you take out you phone)
MACK: What?s a good time to call you tomorrow?

MACK: Want to go back to my place?
WACK: Let?s go to my place and I?ll show you that _______ I told you about. (Fill in the blank with something you mentioned earlier, that you want to show her.) I?ve got some good wine?but I?ve got to be up early tomorrow, so just one glass.

WACK: Would you like to dance?
MACK: I?m going to need to take you onto the dance floor. I don?t want you standing here looking like a wallflower.

WACK: Would you like to hang out sometime?
MACK: My friends told me about this new lounge that has great music on Friday and Saturday nights. Which night is better for you?

Remember: boring, ordinary guys are constantly asking permission from women. This results in a lot of ?No?s,? and a lot of disappointment, frustration, and masturbation.

In the meantime? flip the script and start ?spinning? your questions to make them more powerful, interesting and effective.

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