Awesome: Proof of Time Travel?

This is awesome. Look at the below photo:

The photo was recently uncovered and from the year 1940. Now, look towards the right of the photo, the third guy in with the glasses and Batman-looking shirt. Is that or is that not a time traveling hipster!?!?!

The image comes from the site Forgetomori and, no, unfortunately the guy is not a time traveler, but instead just a younger gentlemen than the other people in the photo wearing what were, even 70 years ago, the ordinary fashions for the time. Part of the explanation:

The outfit could also be found 70 years ago. Being used as we are to our contemporary fashion, we look at the man and assume he?s wearing a stamped T-shirt, something that would be indeed out of place (or time). But if you look carefully, you can see that he?s actually wearing (or could as well be wearing) a sweatshirt. And sweatshirts with bordered emblems were not uncommon in the 1940s ? in fact you can find those in other photos from the same exhibit.

The whole piece is really worth a read if you have a few minutes. What I’ve learned from the whole thing: Goddamn hipsters who think they’re all so unique are really just stealing fashions from almost a century ago! Get with the times, hipsters!

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