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And Now … This Year’s Playboy Party Schools


No joke. When I finally chose where I was going to get my collegiate education (Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, for those keeping track) I was informed almost immediately that it had been one of Playboy’s top ranked party schools the previous year; I wasn’t even aware this was a criteria I should have been applying to my schools. The point is, Playboy’s ranking of Top Party Schools is important stuff. And seeing that it’s May, it’s time for Playboy to release the newest edition.


This year’s list is as follows, starting with number ten:

10. University of Iowa
9. Plymouth State University
8. University of California Santa Barbara
7. Rollins College
6. Arizona State University
5. East Carolina University
4. University of Miami, Florida
3. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2. West Virginia University

and, in first place …

1. University of Texas at Austin

Seeing as everyone in the world is apparently moving to Austin these days, this last one isn’t surprising. The rest, however? Feel free to check out the magazine’s justification over here. Go ahead and voice your dissension or approval in the comments below. But remember, it is a mistake to think that these things don’t matter!

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