5 Questions With Kezia About Ross Jeffries, Asian Guys, and Her Upcoming Trip to L.A.

Kezia is in Los Angeles… Here are 5 Questions with Her…

Kezia, one of the top female instructors in the world, is headed to Los Angeles this week to do some coaching, seminars, and club hopping.

She has to big events scheduled, one event with Ross Jeffries… and another workshop she’ll be doing with the Asian Playboy.

I had a chance to do a brief interview with her, where we chatted about her take on LA guys, Asian guys, and what’s so special about Ross Jeffries.

1. What is something that Ross teaches that just really surprised you ( in a good way)

Ross teaches the art of getting the woman out of auto pilot mode in relation to her responses, which is something I have taught my students for ever! It is so important, and seeing his methods for perfecting this is alarmingly effective.

2. The biggest difference between L.A. game and London game?

LA game is in my opinion a lot easier than London game. The attitude in LA is more sociable,positive and confident, where as in London, people are a little more closed and socially awkward ( unless they have had a few strong drinks) The only thing I would say that makes it a little harder to game in LA is the fact there is a lot more competition. There are ( on the whole) better looking guys in LA , and guys with “high status” in LA than in London. There are also much more PUAs in the LA community too.
3. Talk a little bit about what guys can expect from the seminar with Ross Jeffries?

Inner game mastery: Creating the ideal state to attract women, destroying stuck points, ending self-sabotage, mastering the 4 attraction vibes…? Plus on stage hot-seats: a smaller crowd so I can probably give every student 45 minutes on stage to work through their unique situations.

4. As a woman, why do you think a lot of Asian guys struggle with this… and what advice can you give them specifically?

First of all, there are far less Asian guys in the UK than in the USA, which can be one of the reasons why girls here int he Uk get hit on less by asian guys than say white or black guys.

From my own personal experience, I have only been hit on by 2 asian guys ( this was in TOKYO) I put it down to the fact that I just was not their ‘type’ but when other women started telling me that they too were hardly ever approached by asian guys, I realised then that the issue was not “type’ at all.

Asian guys in my opinion need to start getting in to the whole dating scene with women other than their fellow asian women,( luckily asian guys are chatting up other women more and more) My sister and her girl friends LOVE asian guys, in fact they will not even look at a guy unless he is asian..so asuan guys should take note of this, and start getting out there and talk to the white,Latino and black girls NOW.

5.? Give us a quick soundbite of what they should expect from you and The Asian Playboy?

students will get advance knowledge of how to seduce the hottest women in the top clubs.
We will be focusing on the whole ‘night game’ scene including the best ways to increase a guys chances of obtaining a ‘one night stand’

The information in this seminar will be ground breaking, and the students will be learning advance and FRESH new techniques that they can use forever. But most importantly, all the students attending are going to have a wild night and some amazing results!

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