WTF Science: Face Transplant Dude Shaves!

So, here’s a great way to start your week:

Remember the movie Face-Off where Nicholas Cage and John Travolta traded faces midway through the movie as part of some ridiculous plot point — leading to Cage have the juicy acting role of having both the ultimate bad-ass intro (Castor Troy’s coat-in-the-wind whip while stepping out of his private airplane) and being able to be the hero throughout most of the film — that was ridiculous because there’s no was that science could ever find a way to trade faces among people? Well, guess what folks. Science found a way:

In an operation at Barcelona?s Vall d?Hebron University Hospital lasting 24 hours, the patient now has a new nose, lips, tear ducts, cheekbones and jaw.

Dr Barret said the procedure had been a success and if all went well, the man could be back at work in five months after living for half a decade as a recluse.

The patient, who is believed to be a farmer who got shot in the face by an accident, has not spoken or eaten a proper meal for the last five years.

Way to go, science. Here’s a photo that really makes no sense:

Even creepier, apparently (if I’m reading this correctly, and there’s a great chance I’m not) the guy received a full beard from his “face donor” (who, I’m guessing, is dead) and just shaved off the beard. So, to recap: Dude had a dead guy’s beard on his face for a decent period of time, and then fucking shaved it off! How is it that people aren’t flipping out because of this?

In any case, there’s your science lesson for the day.


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