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A Jedi Mind Trick To Turn Her On

Here?s a really profound truth about sex that?s important for you to realize if you want to become great in bed:

When most guys are trying to become better in bed, what they?re usually looking for is PHYSICAL techniques. They?re looking for a new angle, a new sex position, a new way to move their tongue during oral sex. They think that if they can just figure out the optimum angle and degree of pressure to apply, women will start having screaming orgasms with them.

Unfortunately, they soon find out that in the real world it doesn?t work like this. And this is usually when they come to me to correct their approach. And here?s what I tell them: While knowing physical techniques is important, knowing how to turn her on PSYCHOLOGICALLY is many times more important. If you know how to make her fantasize about you, and you can get her dripping wet before you even TOUCH her … then pretty much any physical technique will work to give her orgasms.

But I have to warn you, once you master turning women on psychologically, the sexual power that it gives you can be very addictive. For my fellow Star Wars geeks out there, it can almost feel like you have Jedi mind powers when you can make her dripping wet for you by using your words alone. And here?s one great ?Jedi mind-trick? that I love to use to turn women on:

For this one, you?re going to be doing two things at the same time: TALKING DIRTY to her and TEASING her.

What you want to do is to initiate kissing and take her to the bed. Keep turning her on and then start teasing her with the possibility of oral sex.

Kiss slowly down her body until you get to her belly button. Then slowly, sensuously slip her pants and panties off. ?Move to her inner thighs, and start kissing them softly, moving up towards her vagina. Do this SLOWLY ? really build the anticipation for oral sex. When you?ve reached her vagina, breathe warmly on it and run your tongue BARELY over it. Get her REALLY thinking you?re going to give her oral ? and then stop.

Move so you?re laying beside her, and start whispering in her ear. Start vividly describing how good it would feel if you went down on her, and how you would make her orgasm over and over again for you. Be extremely graphic as you whisper these dirty things in her ear ? really make her imagine what it?ll be like to get oral sex.

If you?ve been doing this right, she WILL be getting dripping wet by this point. The anticipation you build with the physical teasing plus the dirty talk is an incredibly potent 1-2 combination to turn her on. Prolong the teasing until she can?t take it anymore. Then when she?s so turned on she?s BEGGING for it, start to give her oral sex.

She?ll ?finish? MUCH faster and harder than usual when you do this, because of all the time you spent building anticipation. And when you get really good at this, you can make women orgasm from doing this without physically touching them at all. Just your words will be enough to drive her over the edge.

How?s THAT for using the Force!

P.S. Once you have an entire ARSENAL of ?Jedi mind tricks? like this that you can use to turn her on, it?ll feel like you have sexual super-powers. You?ll be able to give her the most intense sexual pleasure of her life, and she?ll be RAVING about what a great lover you are. One way to get an arsenal of the ?mind tricks? is by buying my book The Sex God Method.

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Eliminate Your Inner
"Nice Guy" & Pass Women's Secret Tests


This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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