Top 2010 Summer Date Movies You Actually Want To See

Summer Movies That You And Your Date Will Agree On

I was thinking the other day, how many categories of movies are there? Of course, there are all the genres (horror, drama, etc.) but then there are the ones that we create ourselves like ?chick flicks,? ?gross-out comedies,? ?date movies? or ?good side breast movies.? Date movies are the ones that are most interesting to me because that definition changes at the drop of a hat. You really like a girl and you?re still in the early stages of a relationship? If she asks you to see ?Sex and the City 2? with her, you might say yes. (Shudder.) Most other times, she?ll probably have to go with her friends, which is the best solution for both of you.

There's no way this is going to be a bad movie.

Examples like this abound on both sides of the date line, for every ?Die Hard? there?s a ?Letters to Juliet.? For every ?Drag Me to Hell? there?s a ?Babies.? (Super shudder.) The key is to find movies you want to see that you can convince her there?s a reason for her to see. Here are some good examples for the rest of the year.

MacGruber. During the Saturday Night Live with Betty White and the SNL ladies, there was the usual three-peat of escalation for ?MacGruber,? which should be the cue to start sewing the idea of catching ?MacGruber? the movie on opening weekend. See how funny it is? Isn?t Betty White adorable? It also helps that the last SNL movie is over ten years ago and she won?t have any apprehensions about seeing an awful movie. Hope and pray you don?t lose all trust with a repeat of ?It?s Pat.?

Cyrus. John C. Reilly vs. Jonah Hill is really all we need to know. But, those two faces aren?t the ones that launched a thousand top ten sexy lists. On the other hand, writer/director?s Mark and Jay Duplass have done ?The Puffy Chair? and ?Baghead? both of which are over 75% on Rotten Tomatoes and positively reviewed on Metacritic, so convincing her on the pedigree of this comedy shouldn?t be hard.

Dinner for Schmucks. This is probably the easiest for convincing. Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are easy sells (especially if she likes ?40-Year-Old Virgin?), but you know that getting Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Zach Galifianakis will really make this comedy fun.

Inception. Like shooting ducks in a barrel since you only need to say ?Leonardo DiCaprio? and you?re golden. Only if she?s a comic fan do you need to mention director Christopher Nolan is the same guy that brought us ?The Dark Knight? and cool trips like ?Memento? and ?The Presige.?

Get Low.

A movie about a guy throwing his own funeral? Sounds like movie of the week territory until you see it has Bill Murray and Robert Duvall in it. If those two can?t convince her, tell her its director is the same guy who did the cinematography on ?Simon Birch.?

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. You could go the beefcake route on this one with Brandon Routh from ?Superman Returns? or Chris Evans from the upcoming Captain America movie, but those could both backfire as comic book movies aren?t exactly high praise. Maybe you could mention that it stars Academy Award nominated actress with Anna Kendrick. Go for the Wes Anderson connection with Jason Schwartzman. However, the easiest is still going to be that it stars George-Michael Bluth as the titular role.

Piranha 3-D. It?s 3-D! Think of the technology! Yeah, it?s probably not going to work, but you have to try. How often do you get a chance to see carnivorous 3-D fish? Don?t mention the fake porn site (NSFW, people!) used to promote the movie. That?s not going to help anything.

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