You Won’t Believe What I Overheard Her Saying …

The Secret I Overheard Women Talking About

You won?t believe what women will say about your sexual performance behind your back when they?re talking with their friends. I didn?t believe it myself, until I OVERHEARD a group of women talking together about their boyfriends one day. And although what I heard was pretty shocking ? I?m glad I heard it, because it really opened my eyes and made me a much better lover.

Here?s what happened:

Years ago, back before I dedicated my life to sexual improvement, I was out to lunch with my friend Shah. Sitting right next to us was a table of five GORGEOUS women. Stunning, traffic-stopping beauties. And there were FIVE of them. Needless to say, I kept trying to sneak sidelong glances at them throughout our meal without them noticing.

After we finished eating, Shah ran outside to take a phone call. So I was left alone next to the table of five goddesses who I would have done ANYTHING to get attracted to me.

Of course, at the time I had virtually ZERO sexual confidence. I was getting nervous just SITTING next to them, so obviously actually going up and talking to them was out of the question. But I couldn?t help but to eavesdrop on their conversation?.

Especially because they were talking about SEX. And they were surprisingly open about their sexual experiences (now that they thought that only women could hear them). One woman asked ?So how did your date with Ray go the other night??

A model-perfect blonde on the other side of the table replied ?Well, I thought he was cute and sweet ? until we got into the bedroom.?

They all laughed knowingly. ?What happened?? another woman asked.

?Well, he tried to go down on me, but he was SO BAD, I had to fake an orgasm just to

get him to stop. So he?s all excited, thinking he?s this sex god or something ? then he gets on top of me and came in like sixty seconds flat. I just wanted to laugh, but the best part was afterwards. He asked HOW MANY times I came. I was like, ?uh?four.? And he actually believed it!?

The entire group of women started howling with laughter. A slim Asian women on the other side of the table jumped in. ?That?s almost as bad as my fianc?.?

?Why?what does he do??

?He?s got this ?Honey, please? complex in bed. He thinks he has to ask for my permission every time we do something.? The brunette next to her nodded sympathetically. The Asian woman started mimicking her fianc? in a high pitched, whiny voice. ?Honey, can we PLEASE have sex tonight? Honey, can you PLEASE go down on me? Honey, can we PLEASE do doggy style??

The entire group was cracking up at the expense of the unfortunate fianc?. Eavesdropping in on this, I was SHOCKED. I had no idea this was how women talked about guys? sexual performances when they were alone by themselves! The women?s war stories continued for a good twenty minutes. Each shared stories of guys in their past who were bad in bed. Each time, the group of women would laugh at how pathetic the man was. And each time, the woman would make it clear that she wasn?t going to be with such a pathetic lover forever. She was looking to find someone who was a better lover. When she did, the two-pump chump she was with currently would be dumped like last week?s garbage.

Eventually after the laughing was done, one woman said to the brunette ?I guess we all just need to find boyfriends like John.?

The brunette just smiled and said ?I guess so. It?s been just AMAZING in bed with him lately. It?s been almost four years and sex just keeps getting better and better with him. Every single time we have sex, he makes me cum so many times I can barely walk afterwords.?

My ears perked up at this. How was John doing it? How was he giving her so many orgasms, when most guys? performances just made them laughingstocks among women? And as if she could read my thoughts, another woman at the table asked, ?So what does he do to make it so good for you??

The brunette thought for a second. ?Well, he really knows how my body works and he can last a long time. But it?s much more than that. He?s so passionate in bed, and he makes me feel such strong emotions. And when I come, it makes it so much more intense. And he knows how to tease me, and how to always keep things fresh and interesting. And he knows how to make me completely comfortable, so I can really abandon myself to how good it feels.? But then she hesitated for a minute. ?And?and there?s something else.?

The group was now listening, spellbound. ?What is it?? the Asian woman asked.

?He?s?he?s a REAL MAN, you know? He just ravishes me in the bedroom, and totally takes control. It?s such a turn on. You know what I mean??

The other women nodded wistfully, obviously thinking of men like this in their past who knew how to take the lead in bed. The rest of the conversation centered around John. All the women were fascinated with him, and it seemed like they couldn?t hear enough about him. They talked about him almost worshipful, like men would talk about an untouchable beautiful model or actress.

And most of all, the other women were jealous that the brunette had found such an amazing man.

This conversation stuck with me for a while. When I did dedicate my life to improving sexually, it would get hard at times. But then I would always think, ?Do I want to be a pathetic joke that women laugh about to their friends? Or do I want to be like John, and have beautiful women coveting ME for my sexual skill? I resolved that WHATEVER IT TOOK, I was going to be like John. Because I knew that with his reputation for being a great lover, he would always have beautiful women lining up to be his girlfriend. All he would ever have to do is take his pick.

And once he did find the right girl, he could keep sex great for YEARS. In fact, as his girlfriend said, as the years passed in a relationship sex would only get BETTER for him. And so, I encourage all of you to choose to be like John as well ? no matter what it takes.

And obviously, everyone, the first step is in my book The Sex God Method.

If you do pick up the book, I?m willing to guarantee you give her at least 3 orgasms the very next time you have sex, or else you don?t pay. That?s how confident I am that it will work for you.

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