What Annoys Women In Bed And How To Stop It

If you ever heard women talking about their sex lives, you know that they?ll often describe many things that guys do in bed as ?ANNOYING.? As you can probably guess, if a woman is describing your sexual technique as ?annoying? then she probably doesn?t think you?re very good in bed. And she?s probably not very sexually attracted to you.

Now, it?s taken me a few years to really get a handle on what women mean when they say something like ?it?s so annoying when he does something like that in bed…? And guess what I realized was at the ROOT of a woman finding a guy an annoying sexual dud?



— ASKING PERMISSION to do things in bed. Like ?honey, would you please go down on me tonight??
— HESITATING to try something new in bed, rather than just doing it.
— NOT LEADING her in bed, and expecting her to take the lead.
— BEING ?NICE? TO HER so that she?ll have sex with you. For example, doing the dishes and buying her a nice dinner with the expectation that she?ll be ?nice? to you in bed tonight.
— ?MAKING LOVE? to her all the time, and NEVER giving her a passionate, animalistic fucking.

?What!? you say. ?How could this be?!??

How is it that treating a woman respectfully and politely inside bedroom could be considered ANNOYING by women, of all things? Well, guess what? IT IS.

Women, and ESPECIALLY the most sexually attractive women, consider all of the above things to be extremely annoying turn-offs. And of course, the reason for this is that no matter how good these behaviors seem on the surface, there?s only one conclusion that can be drawn from them.


Women are never attracted to men who are sexually weak and submissive. NEVER.

Of course, this is a generalization ? every once in a while a weak, submissive guy will get a woman to have sex with him. But this is the very, very rare exception ? the RULE is that women get turned on my sexually dominant alpha males. So now you understand why all your ?nice? and ?polite? behavior in bed never really seemed to excite her. It?s because she thinks you?re acting like a WUSS ? and she finds it to be an annoying turn-off.


To further confuse things, you?ll often hear women say things like:

?I get turned on by STRONG guys who are also SENSITIVE…?

I hear women say these things all the time, and I?m sure you?ve heard women say something like this yourself. Women talk about sexually desiring a combination of things in a man which just don?t seem to fit. What are they talking about?

I know I personally used to hear this stuff, and I?d think ?OK, I have the sensitive part covered so I guess I have to start acting a little stronger.? But here?s the BIG REALIZATION I had: Instead of thinking that I was a nice, sensitive guy who needed to become a little stronger, what I really needed was to become a strong guy who could also be sensitive and romantic in bed on occasion. The difference seems like just word-play, but it?s not.

You see, when a woman says ?I want a STRONG man who?s also sensitive? that?s just what she MEANS. What she really needs is a guy that?s STRONG. The sensitive part is nice to have, but it?s far more ?optional? than the STRONG part. This is why women have uncontrollably strong sexual fantasies about jerks and bad boys. It?s also why they never seem very excited to have sex with ?nice guys? like us.


Women don?t sit down and make a list of the sexual qualities of a particular guy, then think it over for a few days, then DECIDE whether or not to feel aroused. Arousal happens IN THE MOMENT when you?re having sex, and it happens for all kinds of ?illogical? reasons. Reasons that even the women who is feeling the arousal usually can?t describe.

So what?s the answer here?

You must realize that many things that you do when you?re trying to turn a woman on are actually annoying her and turning her off. You must understand that sometimes you have to do things that SEEM ?disrespectful? or ?inconsiderate? in bed in order to give her what she REALLY wants (a dominant alpha male she gets turned on for).

So, raise your right hand and repeat after me:

?I will stop being such a sexual ?nice guy?! I will stop being such a sexual ?nice guy?! I will stop being such a sexual ?nice guy?!?

Stop doing the things that show her that you?re a sexually submissive beta male, because this is what ANNOYS her. Instead, start doing the things you?re learning from my book, The Sex God Method.

Start explicitly telling her what you want in bed. Talk dirty to her. Rather than asking to change positions, just physically move her around. And above all else LEAD her in the bedroom ? show her you?re the strong guy she?s fantasized about.

(By the way, I should mention that the sex tips in my book are raw, uncensored, and graphic. So if you?re a politically correct girlie-man who gets offended by explicit sex talk, you definitely should not click this link.)


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