Best Ways To Get Your Protein

A good friend of mine is preparing to race in a half iron man triathlon and later run a marathon with a goal of a time under 3:30. As part of the training to get faster, he needed to lose some weight as it is easier to run fast when you aren?t carrying the weight of a couple of year old babies around your waist.

Looking at WebMD, studies show that diets moderate in carbohydrates with an increase in the amount of protein and a lower fat intake can help you to lose weight, get healthier and not feel hungry. Because my friend has inspired me, I figured I needed to start figuring out which foods would be that perfect blend of protein, relatively low calories and fat that taste good while I start to jump back into the running game. (By running, for now, I mean jogging. Slowly.) Now, you get to benefit from my research as well.

Two Eggs and Three Strips of Bacon. (Otherwise known as the perfect breakfast.) Two fried eggs contain 180 calories and 14 grams of fat to go with 12.6 grams of protein. Three strips of bacon have 103 calories to go with 7.9 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein. Maybe a little high on the fat content, but that?s because it is so delicious.

Four pieces of Nigiri Tuna and a Spicy Tuna Roll. As far as high protein and low fat goes, I don?t think you can get much better than sushi. (Although it is going to cost you a bit, unless you?ve learned to be a sushi chef and know a guy that can get you good deals on sashimi grade fish.) The spicy tuna roll is 290 calories and 11 grams of fat to go with 24 grams of protein. Four pieces of Nigiri Tuna is 200 calories, 8 grams of fat and 32 grams of protein.

A 6 oz Filet Mignon. 348 calories. 48 g of protein. 16 g of fat. Cooked rare and this may be a perfect main course to any night of dining. A day of eggs, bacon, sushi and a filet mignon and I think I have an idea of what my last meals on death row might be, and at that point, I wouldn?t care about my weight.

A Footlong Subway Double Meat Roast Beef Sandwich. Of course, everyday can?t be your last and if you ate sushi and filet mignons every day, you would go broke quickly. So, it is good to mix in a bit of the everyday. A footlong double meat roast beef sandwich from Subway has 720 calories, which is a bit higher than the rest of the choices, but then again, so is the 58 grams of protein. Considering it only has 14 grams of fat, this is almost a perfect protein sandwich.

Capriotti's Bobbie

A Capriotti?s Bobbie. Three and a half ounces of turkey breast meat without the skin contains about 30 grams of protein and only 161 calories to go with 4 grams of fat. Surround it in a delicious nine-inch roll with stuffing and cranberry sauce and you have a high protein treat (26.9 g) that isn?t too high on calories (468) or fat (17 g). Plus, it is on the reasonable side of the price scale.

Of course, in searching for all of this information, I found that you can go way overboard and this USDA file is proof of that, with 26 pages of protein information on every possible food you could think about. (But, it is handy to know that Mollusks, clam, mixed species, raw have 10.85 grams of protein per three ounce serving.) ?With all of these high protein choices, a big effort to mix in a lot of vegetables and fruit needs to be made. A side of grilled asparagus with the steak or spinach, green peppers and tomatoes on your roast beef sandwich or between meals snacks of apples, oranges and bananas are all ways to supplement the high protein choices above.

Well, now you know some of the foods I love and their nutritional content. Use the various links above as the start to find the protein, calorie and fat content of some of your favorite foods and start taking the trip toward a tasty and healthy diet.


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