The Importance of Testosterone: Proven!

Uh, sort of.

Here’s an interesting study sent our way via the good people over at Wired Magazine. Apparently, a bunch of women were given small doses of testosterone for scientists to see how they reacted when they did. The women were then given a bunch of photos and, lo and behold, the women tended to not trust the people in them as much as people who didn’t take the testosterone. Kind of esoteric and nonsensical, sure. But the gist of the study is that testosterone apparently leads people to not trust each other. Here. I’ll let them speak in their own words:

In the study, a few dozen females received half a milligram of testosterone under the tongue — enough to increase hormone levels tenfold. The women viewed pictures of faces and judged how trustworthy they looked. The drug decreased ratings by about half, and the effect was only strong for females who are normally easily fooled.

The point of all this, obviously, is that, if your wife or feminine significant other is “normally easily fooled” make sure you get her to pop a few testosterone tablets before opening up any emails from Nigerian princes! Hope this helped!

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