Tips To Get Rid Of Your Stinky Smells

Thank you, Men’s Health Magazine.

The good people over there put together a package that is necessary reading regarding the various smells that will be attached to our bodies at various points in the day. For example, bad breath smell, the smell of another girl on our clothing, or if we’re out, for whatever reason, gutting a fish. (Although I do believe this last one is code for some other form of activity.) And best of all, the magazine uses science(!) in order to help us get rid of our orders. Here’s their example on how to get rid of flatulence. (Note: I chose to copy-and-paste this one because I have a weakness for fart jokes.)

You Farted During the Carpool

The instant deodorizer: Air, quick! Crack both front windows. The low-pressure zone outside the windows will suck out the gas. Key note: Keep the back windows closed. “When all the windows are open, inside air doesn’t exit, but is forced into the back,” says Lou Bloomfield, Ph.D., a professor of physics at the University of Virginia.

Sidestep the stink: Eat less of whatever food triggered your spontaneous eruptions, and add more yogurt to your diet. “The active cultures will displace the bacteria that make the gas smell,” says Mary Ellen Camire, Ph.D., a professor of food science and human nutrition at the University of Maine.

The whole thing is really worth reading. This is helpful information, people! This will save you from nearly any crisis.

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