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In a moment, how you can achieve rock-solid sexual confidence in ANY bedroom situation. But first, let me ask you something:

Truthfully, have you ever felt like you?re just not the ?type of guy? who gives women multiple screaming orgasms? Have you ever been in a relationship, and felt that your girlfriend wasn?t as sexually attracted to YOU as you were to HER? Have you ever been having sex with a woman, and felt that she was JUST ABOUT to have an orgasm, but then you ejaculated before she came? Did it seem like no matter how much you tried to distract yourself or ?think about baseball,? there was NOTHING you could do to control yourself? And, have you ever felt NERVOUS when having sex with a new woman ? to the point where you couldn?t really enjoy sex yourself, much less give her an orgasm?

The worst part about this one is that you probably beat yourself up for it mentally for days afterwords, and put more pressure on yourself to ?perform? in bed. Which of course just makes the nervousness WORSE. If you?re anything like I was before I learned how to give women orgasms, you?ve probably been in one or more of these situations, probably MANY TIMES.

And what?s the WORST part about going through one of these things?

The most painful part of it is that no matter how much your try and rationalize it and tell yourself a story about why it happened, deep down, in your heart of hearts, you KNOW that it?s YOU screwing things up! It?s not her. It?s YOU.

And that?s the part that really sucks.


When I first started learning sexual skills, I took what I now call the ?Band-Aid? approach to becoming great in bed. By that I mean that when a problem came up in the bedroom, I?d try something to solve it IN THE MOMENT. Like, if I felt myself about to ejaculate way too soon, I?d try all sorts of things right then to try and fix the problem.

I?d try to stare at the wall to distract myself. I?d ?think about baseball.? And I?d even start doing math in my head. ?1+1=2. 2+2=4. 4+4 ?? and so on.

This would cover up the problem. For about five minutes. And while it FELT better than nothing, it really wasn?t. Because later I realized that by using ?band-aid? solutions like this to deal with the problem in the moment, I really wasn?t solving the problem at all. I was just superficially covering it up. The next time I had sex, the same exact problem would come up AGAIN. The problem was still there, I?d just learned how to temporarily cover it up. And this goes for all the issues I faced in bed ? from stamina, to getting an erection, to having the balls to talk dirty to her.

So here was my breakthrough: rather than looking for a temporary cover-up to these problems in the moment, what I really needed to do was to work on my Sexual Confidence so these issues would be actually, permanently resolved. Because once I was a Sexually Confident man, I realized that NONE of these problems would ever come up again. The feeling of confidence would allow me to relax and feel comfortable in bed. This would allow me to last as long as I wanted, without using ?techniques?… as well as allowing me to get an erection anytime I wanted.

And most importantly, it would give me the BALLS to be the dominant alpha male women truly want in bed. To talk dirty to her, to tease her, to drive her wild with passion and emotion. If I could handle my sexual confidence, I realized that I would automatically be able to do all these things.

This breakthrough had a PROFOUND effect on my sex life. Once I started focusing on building my sexual confidence, giving women orgasms became much, much easier.

Because rather than being an average guy who was just trying to ACT like the guy she fantasized about, I actually WAS the guy she fantasized about ? no acting required. That?s why in the Sex God Method, I show you how to build bulletproof sexual confidence FIRST before I give you any techniques. Right off the bat, you?ll get an entire SYSTEM to eliminate the anxiety, nervousness and self-doubt that are destroying your sex life. Then, I show you exactly how to transform yourself into the dominant, sexually confident alpha male she fantasizes about. Here are just three of the ideas I share in the book:

– Have you ever felt like women don?t see you as a guy they have wild sex with ? just as a platonic friend or as a stable but sexually unexciting boyfriend?? In my book I show you I give you an easy four-step method for developing a magnetic sexual presence that turns women on ? before you?ve even gotten to the bedroom.

– How to overcome any insecurities about your penis size, permanently and forever.

– Do you ever feel like you?re not the ?type of guy? who can do things like talk dirty to her, spank her, or rip her panties off? I felt this way myself when I first started ? which I show you exactly how to become the dominant alpha male who does these things NATURALLY, without hesitation or nervousness.

– And of course, MUCH more.

Pick up the Sex God Method to help with all of your sexual confidence needs, today.

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