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Hello TSB!

This is my official letter of apology to Bobby Rio and the TSB crew for not showing them my in-field video earlier. I’ve got infield video that I’ve been showing at seminars since 2006. It was part of the original ?Underground Dating Seminar? in NYC, and was even filmed by that original group of students.

When I read TSBs new top ten (congrats to Sinn!), I realized that most people don’t know I have any video footage. So I’m officially inviting Bobby and the whole TSB crew to 2 screenings of my pickup video. Anyone can get a ticket to these screenings, and they will be held on the East Coast, right in TSB’s backyard. Here is the time and location:

Saturday June 5th

Glenn and I start around 6pm.

I will schedule a few West Coast appearances as well.

I’ll be speaking and answering questions and doing my absolute best to help people with their game at these talks.

I don’t put these videos on the internet because I think it’s good to respect the privacy of the women in the videos.

Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before…

Maybe you’ve watched pickup videos on the internet. I’ve watched a few. It’s a video of a guy talking to a girl, pretty boring overall. My pickup video is not like the others. In fact, it’s COMPLETELY SHOCKING.

This is the kind of video I could NEVER put on the internet. I’d end up getting kicked off youtube, attacked in the media, and banned by my webhost.

I know everyone thinks I should come out and show everyone my game, and show everyone my picture, and be the little bitch boy of the media, kissing some TV new anchor’s ass and begging FOX TV for a reality TV show or a cable special.

Sorry guys, it’s just not my style. I’m staying UNDERGROUND. I don’t want to be a celebrity. I don’t want the whole wide world finding out my methods. I will not water down the power of what I do in order to make it accessible to the mainstream. I will not have half my students complaining ?All the girls have heard this line before.? Pickup is meant to be learned by those who truly need it and will cherish it. It’s not meant to be another useless piece of entertainment used to sell ad-space for tampons and Sunny Delight.

I’ve turned down tons of documentaries, TV specials, reality shows, newspapers, and magazine features, and I will keep turning them down.

My main goal is to work with students who are serious about learning and help them as much as I can. It is also my goal to transform the observers, KJs, and semi-serious students into serious students.

Your Number One Priority While Improving Your Game

If you’re a serious student, then I have all the respect in the world for you. It’s easy to find out what I look like, and thousands of people have. I’m actively teaching and giving seminars all the time. Just give me a call and I’ll be glad to train you.

It’s all about FOCUS. It’s very important for me to focus my energy on people who are serious about learning. Every second of every day I have a choice to truly help people or to create pointless entertainment. I can’t do both at the same time.

That’s why I’m staying underground. The guys who are serious about learning will find me. The guys who are just curious will never even hear about me. It’s a pretty nice situation to be in for a person who’s as focused as me. I spend most of my time on the 30/30 Forum and teaching the guys in Pickup Mansion. These 2 programs have immense, unshakable focus, and it’s a pleasure to be around them.

Now let me give you a quick pickup tip that was developed and field tested in the Pickup Mansion program. It’s about a topic many new guys struggle with, ?Transitioning.?

I met a guy at a conference one time who showed me a long list of routines he wanted to use, and he had sorted out 15 ways to transition into each routine, depending on what the girl was saying. It was obvious that he had spent a lot of time on this. I was impressed with his work ethic. I asked him if his results were good. He said he was having some trouble memorizing all of that data, so he hadn’t actually take any of the transitions into the field yet.

We ended up doing a training together, and his transitioning method turned into an absolute train wreck. We ended up reconstructing his methodology, and we came up with something way better. I then tested it in 3 Pickup Mansion workshops, and found that it seemed to work for everyone.

Now I want to pass this idea along to you.

The incorrect assumption here is that you need some kind of clever, smooth way to get into a routine, or else it seems to be “out of nowhere” and we don’t want it to be “out of nowhere.”

This is wrong.

Here’s why-

-There’s nothing wrong with any piece of material (pro script, self script, or natural) being “out of nowhere.” The women will just adapt to your frame and follow along.

– Trying to be clever and smooth with transitions generally results in 3-4 seconds of thinking too hard, which makes you look incongruent, reduces your ability to take the lead, prevents you from listening to the other person (important skill), and reduces your ability to calibrate.

So how does one transition into a piece of material? Well it’s simple. Just PLOW RIGHT INTO IT. Once you get the idea in your head that it’s time to do a piece of material, just start. That’s it.

Let’s take the 8 girlfriends routine for example. There are many ways to just jump in. “How many boyfriends do you have?” or “did I ever tell you I have 8 girlfriends?” and you’re off to the races.

Another one people have told me they have trouble getting into is the whatever song. It’s as simple as “check out this song” or “let me teach you this song.” It doesn’t always have to be triggered by the girls saying whatever.

You can just stack and jump from one thing to the next, to the next, and the girls will just follow.

Once in a while they might say “that’s so random” or “that’s out of nowhere.” This is not a bad thing. Just say “yeah I know” and keep plowing through.

“That’s out of nowhere” is not a criticism, so don’t take it like one. If you do, you’re showing insecurity. That’s instant death in this game.

This comes down to showing leadership. Think of a situation where there is a clear cut leader. Maybe a drill Sargent or college professor. They talk about what they want to talk about and tell you what the fuck to do. They don’t sit there wondering “how can I transition into this without it being too random?” Once you start thinking that you’re losing momentum.

This technique for transitioning has been tested and proven to be successful. Even beginners can do it.

This lesson on transitioning is one of those counter-intuitive things that confuses a lot of people when they first start learning pickup. If you want to handle a lot of those issues all at once, the best thing for you might be our in-field workshop.

My coaches will amaze you with their ability to pinpoint exactly what’s hold you back. I’ve seen a lot of students move backwards in their game because of poor self-diagnosis. It’s worth the price of admission to have a real expert check out your game and fix a few things. It’s truly a life changing experience.

Here’s the schedule-

Contact me or my right hand man Drew to get set up with a workshop or 1on1 training.

Phone: +1 (702) 516-8879

E-Mail Brad:
E-Mail Drew:

Hope to see you soon!


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