This Is Your Brain On Sex

One of the main goals of TSB is trying to get men to think before acting. If you are prepared to encounter certain scenarios in the dating world, then when you actually do encounter them, you will be know how to act accordingly without becoming overly affected by your emotions. Since we’re in the midst of World Cup season, think of it just like how a soccer goalie prepares for the game: By visualizing certain scenarios before they actually occur on the field. That way, when they actually do happen, he’s ready for them. Preparation is the key to everything.

Which is why, today, I’m pointing you all towards this great series of articles over at Men’s Health about what sex does to the brain. The series tackles everything from why guys love porn, to why men like it better if she shallows after oral sex, to a strange question of how your nose triggers an erection. Here’s their quick study on why men should marry after they’re 25 years old:

Quite simply, a man’s brain is incomplete before then. Sure, his sexual organs are all present and accounted for, but his prefrontal cortex (PFC) is still developing. Which is too bad, because that’s the part of his brain that’s involved in judgment, impulse control, organization, planning, forethought, and learning from mistakes. And it won’t be fully developed until he’s 25.

The series really does run the gamut of, well, everything you’d need to know about everything that sex does to your brain. This way, when you encounter these same scenarios in real life, you can take your emotion out of it entirely and make a nice, logical move.

You’re welcome!

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