Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Holy shit, everyone! Father’s Day is on Sunday and you still haven’t bought him anything yet. WHAT THE HELL?!?! Luckily, we here at TSB Magazine have a few last minute ideas you can look into if you have yet to break out the ol’ debit card.

MLB.TV subscription. If your dad’s into baseball, and has access to a computer, there’s really no better option that getting him the MLB.TV Premium subscription package. It allows you to stream virtually every single game in HD (as long as you have an ample Internet hookup, that is) and watch up to four games at once. Since the season is almost halfway through, it’s probably best to settle for the $24.95 a month gift rather than the $99.95 price for the full season.

Craftsman from Sears.

Like every Father’s Day, Sears has a whole lot of deals when it comes to hardware, so do peruse their website. But our pick is this heavy duty Craftsman . I mean, look at the damn thing! Depending on your father, though, you should probably include some kind of life insurance form in the package.

Blu-Ray Player from Best Buy. Let’s all agree that this 3-D thing is going away pretty quickly, right? So there’s no need to drop 3 Gs on a technology that will be defunct in a little over 6 months. But something like Blu-Ray is here to stay. Best Buy has quite a few cheap Blu-Ray players that come with free shipping if you buy them on the Internet. And sure, you’re not going to get it in time for him to open on Sunday, but he’ll understand the savings that come with free shipping! Just print out a photo of the Blu-Ray player and stick that sucker in a card.

Beers of the Month Club. Your dad enjoys beer, right? Bam! Beer of the month club! The link has five options when it comes to what kind of beers your dad will be drinking for the rest of the year.

Weber Grill from Home Depot. For our last suggestion, we’re going all out. Propane Gas Grill! If you’ve been an awful son (or daughter, if you’re a lady and reading these suggestions) for the past year and you want to make it up to them, you can certainly do a LOT worse than bringing home a brand new grill for them. This is a nice, modestly-priced grill that is certain to get the job done.

And hey, if none of these work for you, head out there and go grab a gift card!

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