3 Steps To Attracting and Dating Women Younger Than You

The Basics You Need To Know


Your success with dating younger women is not dependent on how old you are, or how large the gap is. The approach you use for a woman your age will also work for someone younger ? with a few minor tweaks. It really comes down to three things:

1. The image you present to the world.
2. The thoughts and beliefs that are stuck in your head your mindset.
3. Your selection criteria (how you select who you?re going to approach)

Those are the same three things you?d focus on if there weren?t any age gap. Only the variables within each group change a little. Women are women. The psychology of a woman doesn?t change with age. Only her focus does.

1.Your Image

When I talk about your image, I don?t mean the way you dress (though that is an element of it). The image we?re concerned with is the one that she forms based on your external appearance, your way of moving through the world, how you carry yourself, what you say, how you interact with others, etc. You want to be in total control of the kind of person she thinks you are. Women don?t just go for what?s on the surface. She?s asking herself, ?What kind of person is he on the inside??

The answer that you should have ready for her should be something that overpowers any resistance to your age, looks, height, weight, or anything else that is outside her normal ?type.? Women go for men who have what she wants. That?s really what it boils down to: Do you have what she wants?

Sure, some of them want you to be Brad Pitt (who is over 40, by the way. But, he?s perceived as youthful because he?s presented that way). But, they?ll gladly put aside good looks and age if you have everything else she?s been looking for. With age comes many benefits. Experience, security, understanding, and social status are all byproducts of getting older. If you?d like to start attraction younger women, stop thinking about the NEGATIVES of being older, and focus on the positives. But your actions must speak louder than words.

You can?t just talk about being more experienced and mature than men her age. It has to be seen to be believed. If you have to tell her, then you?re not doing it right. You have to start asking yourself, ?What are the qualities that make me attractive, despite my age?? And, honestly, if I were you, I?d even drop that last part about your age. Just ask yourself, why would anyone, regardless of how old she is, want to be dating you?

I can promise you this: if you have attractive qualities that make you desirable to women in general, then you definitely have qualities that younger women will also find attractive. While the mindset of a woman does change as she gets older, they?re all still attracted to the fundamentals. Demonstrate to everyone around you that you?re the man they either want to be, or the man they want to be with. Up to a certain point, you want to present yourself as youthfully masculine. Don?t get an earring and dye your hair blonde. Just take care of your body. Eat right and exercise. Display healthiness, and you?ll be associated with youthfulness. Wear clothes that look good, and make you seem like you?ve opened up a copy of GQ Magazine in the past year.

You should be doing that no matter how old you are, but if you want to seem especially younger, you shouldn?t be the kind of guy who looks like he needs to relax at home after a hard day of work. Engage in strenuous physical activity. Hit the gym, go hiking or ride a bike. Take dance classes. If you don?t feel old, you won?t look old. Besides, younger women don?t go for the stay-at-home types. They?re more likely to go for you if you?re bursting with energy.

If you?re clean-shaven or have a beard or a mustache, try trading it in for the ?haven?t shaved in two days? stubble. Studies have shown that women find this look attractive. Again, it connotes a young, yet maturing appearance. It also demonstrates a little rebelliousness, especially in older men.

Remember, it?s all in service to the image she?ll make up in her head. In there, you need to seem youthful, energetic, strong, experience, able to take care of her and satisfy her. If you can conjure and cultivate the portrait of a capable man, the age difference will have little meaning.

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