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Top Things To Do At U.S. Beaches

There’s More To Do Than Just Swim

Why do we go to the beach? At the top of the list is the beautiful girl in a bikini, or for those that don?t like a little mystery, a girl without a bikini. However, for me and I think many others, the idea of sitting on a beach all day is tantamount to torture. Sitting still or playing some sort of paddle ball while reapplying sunscreen every couple of hours is just not how I picture spending a day.

I want something to do.

So, instead of a list of beaches where you can get your tan on and imitate a dry sea cucumber, here?s a list of beaches where you can do something. If it?s a beach, there will be other people there ? humans can?t help but show up. When summer comes, it?s time to go to these beaches. Trust me. Some of the people will have on bikinis.

People watching at Venice Beach. From all of the vendors selling everything from homemade hemp bracelets to some sort of surreal beach art to the amped up guys at Muscle Beach, Venice Beach is an amazing cluster of people. This is where all of the scenes of roller bladers and crazy people from movies come from. Throw in all of the tourists with black socks and sandals and all you need to do is find a palm tree to rest your back against and it?s like watching all the outtakes from your favorite beach movies.

Golfing at Pebble Beach. Ok, it?s the U.S. Open talking, but have you seen how beautiful it is? There are the Cliffs of Doom. How cool is that? Oh. Well, for $495 for green fees plus $75 for a caddy, I suppose it should be that awesome. Maybe I?ll just walk along the beach and look for lost balls at the base of the Cliffs of Doom. They?re safer at the bottom.

Surfing and wildlife watching at Bolsa Chica State Beach. Ok, it?s really a beginner?s surfing beach (if you want something more advanced, head up the road to Manhattan Beach or Malibu) but for a relaxing day of surfing at the beach it?s pretty damn nice. Plus, the Bolsa Chica State Ecological Reserve is right across the way with bird watching and the possibility of seeing a shark. Wait. I think the presence of sharks immediately makes this an intermediate surfing beach.

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. This place will be packed with people, I warn you ahead of time. But with all of the reefs and the possibility of seeing eels, sea turtles and all sorts of tropical fish in a sheltered bay, I can take a little bit of a crowd. Don?t trust me? Just look at this photo. (Credit: Dave Tonnes of Panaviz.)

Walking the boardwalk at Ocean City. Yes, there are boardwalks elsewhere, but Ocean City is the one that I like the most. But, no matter which one you choose (Coney Island would be a close second, especially with the Cyclone) you?ll get a chance to buy saltwater taffy, corn dogs and all the other refreshments that come with a good boardwalk (or state fair). You?ll need to keep up your strength for more walking and beach going.

Remembering spring break at Daytona Beach. I went to the gulf side for my spring break, but I would advise against that side now. But, still, walking the beaches and hitting the bars that you would have hit in college can?t be that wrong. You can?t go back in time, but you can still enjoy the same scenes with the wisdom from the intervening years and this site. Then you make new ?spring break? memories.

I have to admit though, that I lied a little at the beginning. If you have a beach, you have a body of water. If you have a body of water, you can swim. Sometimes just swimming in the surf is enough fun to tide me over until my next trip to the beach. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the water. That?s reason enough to go to the beach. Well, that and the bikinis of course.


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