Five Reasons Why Sex Isn’t Fair For Men

And What You Can Do About It

In this article, I want to talk to you about something very important. I want to talk about how modern sexual relationships aren?t ?fair? for men, and what to do about it.

One thing that really burned me when I first started learning sexual skills was how UNFAIR things seemed to be. At the time, I was incredibly ?nice? to women and treated them with the utmost respect. I was intelligent, and I had a great job. But yet, women never really seemed to enjoy having sex with me. But I knew for a fact that other guys who were complete jerks were enjoying much more exciting sexual relationships. Here are just 5 ways that sex seemed horribly UNFAIR:

1. Some men have larger ?equipment,? and some men are smaller. Women prefer men who are larger, and I?m on the smaller side. How unfair.

2. In order to get a woman to have sex with me, it seemed like I would have to do all kinds of WORK. I?d have to treat her nice, pay for expensive dates, etc. And if I didn?t then I was banished to the couch. Where else, if SHE wanted to have sex she could simply get it from me anytime she wanted. How unfair.

3. Many men go their entire lives suffering through relationships where their wife or girlfriend will only begrudgingly have sex once a month. And even worse, some single men are celibate for months or YEARS at a time because no woman wants to have sex with them. How unfair.

4. Some men have beautiful women constantly EAGER to have sex with them. These men can have sex as much as they want, ten times a week or more if they choose. How unfair.

5.? Some men know the secrets to giving women orgasms, even though they aren?t good-looking or well-endowed. These men have sex constantly, and hold all the power in their relationships with women. How unfair.

The point I?m trying to make is that life isn?t fair. And when it comes to sex, life can sometimes seem unfair in an especially brutal, Darwinian way. The more I worked on improving my sexual skills, the more I realized this was true. But I also discovered another PROFOUND truth:


If life were ?fair,? then you wouldn?t be able to do anything to change what kind of sex life you had. You?d have the exact same kind of sexual relationship as everyone else. But the fact is, you CAN change your sex life for the better if you want. And not only this, but you can actually turn the tables around in YOUR FAVOR. You can improve your confidence and skills so much, it actually feels like you have a massively unfair ADVANTAGE when it comes to sex.


So if the idea that sexual relationships are blatantly unfair is such great news, then why aren?t more guys thinking of it this way? Well, it?s real simple. When it comes to sex, most men are incredibly lazy. They have the attitude that a great sex life should just be handed to them, and when this doesn?t happen they complain and whine to no end. And yet, they?re unwilling to get their ass off the couch and put the tiniest bit of effort into making their sex life better.

So if you?d like to be different, I?d like you to do something right now.

Take a moment, and make the decision that you are going to change your sex life for the better. Make the commitment RIGHT NOW that you are going to take action to get the sex life you want, and you?re going to keep taking action until you get the results you?re looking for. Can you make that commitment to yourself? Can you FOLLOW THROUGH on that commitment?

This commitment is INCREDIBLY important. I made it myself one night about six years ago after yet another terrible sexual performance. She had gone to sleep disappointed because she didn?t have an orgasm ? AGAIN ? and I was left with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach from being sexually inadequate. I resolved right there that I was going to get this area of my life handled, no matter what. I was going to take action to improve myself in bed so that I NEVER felt this way again.

It was the best decision I ever made in my life.

So, have YOU made this decision yet? If not, then make it RIGHT NOW. If you?ve been really wanting a sex life but you?re just waiting around for it to fall into your lap, it?s never going to happen. But if you?re committed to taking action to improve your sex life, then you?ll start giving women orgasms and your sex life will become more exciting than you could have ever imagined.

Ask me how I know.


Sexual relationships aren?t fair. And that?s great news. Because when you turn the tables in your favor, you can enjoy a sex life that most men only dream of. And by the way ?

Another problem that holds men back from becoming great in bed is that many men don?t know where to START. They?re smart enough to know how important it is to give women orgasms, and they want to start learning sexual skills. But they don?t know the first step to take to get on the right track.

When I first decided that I was going to take action to improve my sexual skills, I spent about two years ?wandering around? trying to figure out what worked. I ran in a lot of circles trying things that seemed like good ideas in theory, but which only brought me more stinging sexual rejection and frustration in the real world. Then once I started to figure out what worked, it took me another FOUR YEARS of being OBSESSED with learning sexual skills to get to the point where I could consistently give women multiple orgasms. Four years of blundering about with trial and error in the bedroom. Four years of enduring sexual frustration and rejection while I figured out what really worked. Why am I telling you this?

If you want a ?secret weapon? that you can use in the bedroom to give women the most intense sexual pleasure of their lives, then I recommend picking up a copy of the Sex God Method. The book contains over 187 of my absolute best techniques for building sexual confidence, giving women sexual pleasure, and of course bringing them to orgasm. So, my question to you is:


The choice is completely up to you.

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About Daniel Rose Daniel Rose is the author of the Sex God Method. He teaches men simple yet powerful ways to give women sexual pleasure through using her "Four Orgasm Triggers." Once you know what these are, and how to use each one, giving her an orgasm becomes as easy as flipping a switch or pressing a button.

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