How Your Diet Can Help Your Sex Life

Forget boner pills. Forget pulling an Al Bundy and thumbing through the pages of a “Big’uns” magazine before getting into the bedroom with your wife or lady friend. Forget all of that nonsense. The greatest way to get and maintain a healthy sex drive, no matter how old you are, is simple: Fix your awful diet.

Most everything that happens with your body starts with what you put into it. If you’re putting shit like pizzas, burgers, chips and other junk food into it, then it’s not shocking that you feel like shit. If you’re eating healthy on a regular basis, then you’re going to feel better, both in an out of the bedroom.

The folks at Men’s Health know this, which is why their list of 10 foods to target in order to help your sex drive is vital reading. Simple things like eggs (which, rumor has it, Mr. Peter North ate on a regular basis to maintain a more, er, substantial amount of “flow” in his adult scenes) and steak make sense. But did you know that vanilla ice cream has sexual benefits as well?

When it comes to sex, ice cream is endurance food: It has high levels of calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that build your muscles’ energy reserves and boost your libido. All that calcium (200 milligrams in the typical bowl) can also make your orgasms more powerful, since the muscles that control ejaculation need calcium in order to spasm and contract properly, says Sarah Brewer, M.B., author of Increase Your Sex Drive.

Read the article, gentlemen.

The point is, if you’re worried about keeping your sex drive from going the way of your fat uncle, then you better pay more attention to what you’re eating.

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