Cool Add-Ons for Your Laptop

Peripherals It Needs Immediately

Ok, by now you have a computer. (If not, you?re probably one of the people keeping our nation?s libraries busy.) Mostly it is used for internet access, storing music and photos. Maybe you process a few words and create a few spreadsheets. It seems like you have everything you need. But, do you? You don?t. Let?s go ahead and list what you need.

Laptop briefcase. If you have a laptop (and if you like to travel, a laptop is indispensable) then you should carry it in style. I mean, who hasn?t thought that carrying an aluminum briefcase through an airport while dressed in a fine suit and wearing sunglasses isn?t just a great way to feel cool and start conversations? Plus, if you have fumble fingers, your laptop can handle a drop.

Backup hard drive. A terabyte? Really? There?s no way you need that much backup storage space in case your computer goes the way of Old Yeller. All of your photos and music together barely get to 100 GB. But, it is kind of cool to say to any group of friends, ?I could add all of your computers to my wallet sized backup if you need some added security.? I mean, when isn?t size important?

Adapter for car use. Summer is the time for road trips. Wouldn?t you love to have your laptop along? Yes, you could bring your phone and save the effort, but if you want to watch a movie, would you rather do it on a 17? screen or a 3? one? Exactly. So, to be sure your computer lasts until you reach the hotel (or overnight at your campsite when it?s dark and you forgot to bring a deck of cards) then a power adapter for your cigarette lighter is key.

Privacy filter. Yes, it is here that I could say that you can hide your porn searches from people around you, but really, are you looking at porn with other people around? No. This is to hide your love of or I Can Haz Cheezburger so that your friends don?t know that you celebrate Caturday and you just love Audrina Partridge?s new sunglasses.

Laptop cooling stand. The biggest danger your laptop battery faces is overheating and then losing its ability to hold a charge. A stand with a built in fan can help you take care of that, and add ergonomic benefits. For something that sounds boring and inexpensive, those are pretty nice benefits.

Webcam. A lot of computers come with webcams automatically now, but if yours doesn?t, you really need to get one. CNET likes the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000, which is all I need to know. This way the dream of sci-fi television phone calls can finally be mine, I mean ours.

I hope this list of six cool computer peripherals helps you realize that there is stuff out there beyond an internet connection and a printer and that you don?t have it all. Yet.

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