Gentlemen Of The World, Here Are Your Pickup Tips

This site has been devoted, since nearly day one, on the attempts by us fine gentlemen to pick up and date the many,

For her, you'll have to work on your cooking

many kinds of women that are out there. But one thing many of our articles lack is a point of view from fellas who reside outside of the U.S. (Don’t blame us. I mean, we live here, and most of our readership is here, so it’s tough to be focused on those no in our great America.) Luckily, the folks over at Men’s Health have put together a series of articles pointing out exactly how to seduce women in any country.

For example, in their passage on Italy, they want men to focus on food:

“Listen attentively to her, make eye contact, and seek out a common interest,” says Hopkins. “Then, while eating, conjure up the same sounds that accompany passionate sex: mmm, oooh, aahh.” You’re creating a mood and a fantasy. Be subtle about it, however. You don’t want the host to say, “Um, Fred, do you mind? We’re eating.”

When in China, meanwhile, don’t worry about contacting a lady too soon after a first meeting:

Forget the 3-day rule. In China, men follow up the day after a successful date?by e-mail. “Technology plays a big role in relationships here,” says Yoyoo Chow, sex editor of Men’s Health China. “Most couples meet over the Internet. So if a man doesn’t take the initiative, she’ll find someone else pretty quickly.”

Why the differences? Well, think about it. Would you try to pick up a woman who lives by herself in the city and works as a paralegal the same way you would try to pick up a 22-year-old college dropout who lives with her parents in the ‘burbs? Obviously not. (Also obviously, why are you trying to pick up the latter at all?) So it just makes sense that women who live in different countries would be looking for different things.

So head over to Men’s Health for your worldly pick up cheat sheet. And please, feel free to add your own

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