Vital Reading: The Office Work-Out

There is nothing fun about working out. It sucks. We all know this. Sure, you might get some kind of endorphin rush for a few moments that makes you forget that it sucks, and we all know what will happen to our bodies if we don’t work out (a lack of sexual contact because, you know, we’re fat and can no longer see our genitals without the use of an accurately-placed mirror) but that doesn’t mean working out is fun. It’s necessary. There’s a difference.

The reason I personally hate working out is the time commitment. I mean, who wants to head off to the gym for an hour after work during your free time? No one! Luckily, the fine folks over at have a list of five exercises you can do from the comfort of your own office that is vital reading. One of the five that caught my eye:


Posture is often compromised while sitting at a desk over the course of a day. Use this office exercise to straighten up and activate both your deep inner core and important postural musculature. Begin by putting yourself into perfect posture while seated: exhale, lengthen your spine and make your body as tall as possible. Hold this tall and perfect posture position and then lean forward, open up your chest and extend your arms as if you were pushing up against a small rooftop over your head.

Awesome. Think about it for a moment. If you’re doing any of these exercises, it’s like you’re getting PAID TO WORK OUT. The only thing sweeter than that is saving your poops because then it’s like you’re getting paid to take a shit.

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