Delivers Their Great Male Survey Results

Information is power. In order to know how things are going to be, you need to look back at a variety of statistics and

scenarios in order to help inform your predictions. This is why surveys are so popular; they pool together a large amount of stats to come with an informed outlook on what exactly is going to happen in the future. But, like numbers, most surveys are fucking boring. Enter

AskMen asked more than 100,000 men (now that’s one hell of a large sample size) to comment on everything that men would comment on for their Great Male Survey 2010. Everything from their lifestyle choices to what they’re looking for in a girlfriend to whether or not they’re more into getting a threesome or anal. (Spoiler: It’s the threesome.) It’s not that a lot of these answers are shocking – for the most part, they’re completely expected if you are man – but just the fact that we know do have answers. And because of that, it makes it a fascinating read for men and women alike.

Here are some of the more interesting questions/responses that are including in the quiz. We’re going to stay in the sex section of the quiz just because we’re dirty, filthy perverts.

Is it ever OK to pay for sex?
43% No
31% Yes, but only for a crazy sexual experience that wouldn’t present itself otherwise
12% Yes, it is always OK
14%, Yes, but only as a last resort.

At what point does a woman become sexually promiscuous?
35% When she sleeps with her 10th sex partner.
34% When she sleeps with her 20th sex partner.
14% When she sleeps with her 50th sex partner.
14% Never
3% When she sleeps with her 100th sex partner.

Have you ever fantasized about a partner’s friend?
36% Yes, I have in the past but I try to avoid it now.
28% No, I have no interest in any of her friends.
25% Yes, I fantasize about her friends regularly.
11%, No, but I have to restrain myself from doing so.

If a male birth control pill were available, would you take it?
68% Yes.
32% No.

What can you do with this information now? Besides try to find the 32% who wouldn’t take a male birth control pill and ask them what the fuck is wrong with them? Who the fuck knows! But still, it’s power.

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