Her Three Orgasm Trigger Points

Have you ever wondered exactly where and how to touch a woman to trigger a powerful orgasm? If so, you?re in luck?because I?m going to talk to you about the three spots on her body which trigger powerful orgasms, and show you the key to giving her pleasure with each.


Most men know about the clitoris, but tend to be a little clumsy and inept when stimulating it. And it?s easy to see why: in most women the clitoris is smaller than a grain of rice, and it?s hidden within her vagina. What?s more, there literally hundreds of thousands of nerve endings in the clitoris, making it BY FAR the most sensitive spot of the female anatomy. And while there are spots on her body which produce more powerful orgasms, the clitoris is the easiest and most reliable way to make her orgasm.

The key to giving her orgasms with the clitoris is FINESSE. Remember, the clitoris is INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE, and a tiny, tiny difference in the way you?re stimulating her can be the difference between orgasms and pain for her. Rule of thumb when you?re giving her clitoral stimulation with your fingers, or through oral sex: start out incredibly SOFTLY, and gradually work your way up to harder and harder stimulation.

Most men make the mistake of having one single, constant speed at which they give her clitoral stimulation. The problem with this is that when she?s not yet very aroused, the clit is so super-sensitive that even a medium pressure of stimulation doesn?t feel good. You have to go VERY softly at first, and as she gets more aroused, use more and more pressure. When she?s approaching orgasm, this is when you can start to give her harder and more forceful clitoral stimulation. She can handle it when she?s this turned on, and it?s what?s going to drive her over the edge.

There are MANY different techniques that you can use with your fingers, tongue, or with a sex toy to give her a variety of unique orgasms through clitoral stimulation. My students favorite one in the Sex God Method seems to be the ?Clitoral Circle Climax? technique. If you?d like to learn more about this and my other techniques, check out the book.


The g-spot is located on the frontal wall of her vagina, about two inches deep. You can tell you?re touching it because it feels slightly rougher than the rest of her vagina. Although it can be a little harder to give her orgasms with the g-spot than with the clitoris, the plus side is that the g-spot can produce some incredibly powerful, full-body shaking orgasms. It?s also the source of the visually spectacular female squirting orgasm. There are two keys to giving her orgasms with the g-spot:

First, when you?re using your fingers, you want to make her to stimulate her by inserting two fingers inside her vagina until you?re touching her g-spot, then making a ?come here? motion with your fingers. Be sure that she?s turned on first, and that you don?t have rough fingernails which could be painful for her. When she?s turned on, she can enjoy surprisingly hard stimulation to her g-spot, In fact, it?ll be required towards to end to make her orgasm like this.

The second key to giving her orgasms with the g-spot is to use sex positions that stimulate the g-spot during intercourse. This is a surefire way to get her cumming like crazy from being penetrated. In the Sex God Method, I give the 3 best positions for g-spot sex and show you exactly how to make her cum with each. I can?t give you all three in this newsletter, but I will give you one that you can try tonight:

Lay her on her back, and penetrate her. Then, lean back so that she?s laying down and you?re upright, penetrating her at a 90 degree angle. Take her legs, and bend them up until both of them are against your chest. Hug both legs close to your chest with your arms. Then, start thrusting into her. This position provides some VERY intense g-spot stimulation, and can give her those intense full-body orgasms.


The A-spot is less well known than the g-spot and the clitoris, but it?s just as powerful as both of these. It?s located very deep inside her vagina, close to her cervix. While most women enjoy a-spot stimulation in the front of her vagina, there are some who enjoy a-spot stimulation to the back of her vagina as well. While the a-spot is the hardest of all three to access, it produces the MOST intense orgasms.

The key to giving her orgasms with the a-spot is that when you start to feel her vagina start to contract in orgasm, KEEP GIVING HER FIRM STIMULATION. To access her a-spot, you?re probably going to have to insert your fingers as deep into her vagina as possible (unless you have exceptionally long fingers.) Spread them slightly apart, and rub them firmly against the front of the a-spot.

When she?s about to have an orgasm you?ll feel the muscles in her vagina start to contract ? it?ll feel like it?s about to snap your fingers off. BUT KEEP GOING when this happens, and she?ll have intense orgasms.


I?ve shown you the three most common ?orgasm trigger points? on her body because I think it?s something every man needs to know to give women orgasms. But I have to warn you?just stimulating these ?spots? alone will NOT make her crazy! Why is this?

-First of all, there are many other erogenous zones on her body which also need attention to arouse her enough for her ?orgasm trigger points? to function. If you just dive straight to the vagina without paying attention to the other important points on her body, she?s not going to have any orgasms. There are actually 16 important erogenous zones that you need to know about to really access the potential of these orgasm trigger points.

-And second?as I?ve explained before, the PSYCHOLOGICAL aspect of sex is much more important than the PHYSICAL aspect of sex. You can give her perfect stimulation in all of these ?spots,? but if you don?t know how to get her psychologically turned on then she won?t have any orgasms.

Think about it like this: what if a girl was giving YOU perfect physical stimulation by rubbing her vagina up and down on your penis, but she had terrible garlic breath which nauseated you? Would YOU be turned on, even with this perfect physical stimulation? This is a good analogy for how women feel about the performance of most men in bed. Even if you?re giving her great clitoral stimulation, and rubbing your fingers against her g-spot at exactly the right angle, and have located the a-spot with laser beam precision it all counts for NOTHING if you?re not turning her on psychologically. If you don?t know how to be the type of get she fantasizes about in bed, then your inability to arouse her on a psychological level hits her like a big whiff of garlic breathe in the face and totally kills her arousal.

And if you?ve ever tried some of these ?physical stimulation? techniques which are purported to give women orgasms, but they haven?t worked for YOU, then THIS IS THE REASON WHY. But there?s a good side to this as well ? if you know how to turn her on psychologically, you can be the man she fantasizes about and get her wet before you even start touching her. Combine this with solid physical stimulation techniques, and you have a recipe for incredibly powerful supercharged orgasms.

Once you can give women orgasms literally anytime you want, you?ll suddenly find that you have an incredible amount of sexual power over women. Your girlfriend or wife will be telling you that you are the best lover she?s ever had, and women will literally become sexually addicted to you because you can give them such intense pleasure.

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About Daniel Rose Daniel Rose is the author of the Sex God Method. He teaches men simple yet powerful ways to give women sexual pleasure through using her "Four Orgasm Triggers." Once you know what these are, and how to use each one, giving her an orgasm becomes as easy as flipping a switch or pressing a button.

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