A Man’s Guide to Using Astrology to Attract a Girl

Get Past a Woman?s Barriers With Astrology

Guys, do not ever use ?what?s your sign?? as a conversation opener unless you are sure you are so good looking that nothing you say will turn her off.? For most guys, trying to use this line will get you a blank stare and probably laughed at by not only the girl, but her friends as well.

Knowing about astrology, or ?signs?, does not hurt your chances of hitting if off once you have initiated a conversation.?While many women are pretty savvy when it comes to a guy hitting on them, one way past their natural barrier is to use astrology. East Indian dating culture is more open to astrology since it is traditionally a mainstream part of society, so if you are interested in dating Indian women, digging into astrology a bit will definitely win you bonus points.

Indian dating personals ads, such as the ones on as Shaddi.com, will ask about your sign as part of the basic profile outline, which makes it easier to bring up this topic whether you are talking in person or online.

First you need to know a little about astrology itself.?Astrology is a science devoted to the influence of planets regarding our personality traits.?It gets a lot more complicated than that, but for now you just need to know the basics.

Your ?sign? is based on the date that you were born. There are twelve astrological signs and they are listed below.?Each sign has certain personality characteristics and this is what you want to bone up on.

Astrological Signs:

Aquarius???? Leo
Pisces???????? Virgo
Aries????????? Libra
Taurus?????? Scorpio
Gemini????? Sagittarius
Cancer?????? Capricorn


Each sign corresponds to particular dates.?If you are totally unfamiliar with astrological signs, you will definitely want to check out some websites to get more in depth information about which signs are most compatible.

So how do you use astrology to attract a girl??It is pretty simple and it is based on a very old principle: women like to talk about themselves.

For example, if you know a little about your own sign and at least one or two basic personality characteristics about

the others you hold the key to unlock a woman?s interest.?You might mention that you are an ?Aries? and you find it difficult to find women who appreciate the romantic side of you. Most women love romance so chances are the woman you are talking with will immediately be intrigued by this statement.?It pays to know your own sign and the personality characteristics that go along with it.

On the flip side, you need to know a few key elements that describe each sign so you can flatter the woman by smiling and referring to her signs best qualities.?Let?s say you are talking with a woman who tells you she is a Sagittarius.?Her astrological sign is characterized as being someone who enjoys the ?wild side? and is not afraid to take risks. If you know this in advance it is pretty easy to use a little flattery to draw this woman to you.? She is most likely ready to play but will be super turned on when she realizes you recognize her ?unique? personality.

Of course, you could play this scenario differently by asking her more about her sign.? You can still throw out a few questions like, ?I?ve never dated a Sagittarius, what do you think is best about being a Sagittarius?? or ?I?ve heard that a Sagittarius is usually pretty intense, are you?? Guys, you do not have to be an expert on astrological signs to get a woman?s attention.?In fact, it will probably help if you know just enough to let her educate you.

Start by knowing the basics of your own sign and one or two main characteristics of the others.?Use that knowledge to get a woman talking about herself and remember to take mental notes. She is likely to give you plenty of information about her likes or dislikes and that can only make it easier for you to seem like the perfect guy.

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About Ashok S. A little bit about me, I'm a first generation East Indian American clinical psychology doctoral student. One of the greatest joys in my life is my romantic relationship with my fiancée, Sheila. During the time I was dating looking for the right partner, I was shy and wasn't that good at getting the right girl's attention. It took me some years but was able to meet and date the right woman. So now four happy years later, Sheila and I decided to help others who want to date and have a long term relationship with an Indian women.

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