Must Read: Best Man Caves Of All Time!

Real men need their own space. They need a room where they can sit, have a beer or two, perhaps throw some darts at the wall, and get some hardcore thinking done. (And, when they’re not thinking, get some masturbating done.) Even Don Draper has the comforting womb of his office where he can take a short nap on his couch after a mid-morning cocktail. So it’s no surprise that if you look through some of the great male thinkers of yesteryear, they all have extraordinary man caves at their disposal. And, seeing as they were all rich, these are man caves you can only be jealous of.

The good folks over at The Art of Manliness put together this list, complete with images, of the 14 greatest man caves of all time. Here’s two of our favorites:

Mark Twain’s Billiard Room:

Mark Twain's man cave

A place where he could get away from the stress of making shit up, drink a few bourbons, smoke a few cigars, and play some pool. Even in this day and age of HD widescreen TVs, nothing brings a man cave together quite like a pool table.

Andrew Carnegie’s Study:

Andrew Carnegie's man cave

Now, THAT’S a goddamn study. Sure, you need books. And it helps to have one of those old-fashioned writing desks to compose your various thoughts and letters. But this sucker surpasses all of the other man caves simply due to the placement of the couch. Just out of reach of the chair, a simple stumble away once the brain shuts down. And check out the rug near the fire. Cozy!

Peruse the whole list, take notes, and use them to create your own perfect man cave.

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