Must Read: How Women Have Brainwashed Men

Happy Friday, gentlemen. You’re all idiots! Well, not all of you. But that’s the gist of this eye-opening fun little read over at about the various ways that women have brainwashed men over the years.

We all know that all a woman really has to do is wear a revealing outfit and show any amount of interest in you and you will pretty much do anything she tells you to, up to and including punching random strangers, simply because she commands it. If you haven’t once been under the spell of a woman, then you haven’t lived yet, youngsters! But the article breaks down these little mini-brainwashings so well that I thought it necessary to share with you fine readers. Take this little bit:

No.3 – Sex as a reward

Sex used to be fun and unpredictable. Now your girl dangles it in front of you like a rabbit at a dog track. Tragically, she?s unearthed your most basic secret: You like to have sex. Rather than enjoy it steamy and unbridled, she?s realized its value, and like a passionate capitalist, has turned sex into a commodity to be used sparingly in exchange for services rendered like, ?Take me to the Eat Pray Love premiere. Like a heroin addict anticipating his next fix, and with Scooby-Doo?s enthusiasm, we reply ?Rokay!?

They’re right! All sex in a relationship becomes is a reward for not acting up! Let’s take back our lives, men. No more taking her fashion advice. No more taking out the trash more often than she does. No more performing unnecessary manscaping!

Spread the word, gentlemen! Let’s take back our manhood!

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