Study: Get Laid By Having an iPhone?

There’s a lot of people who will read this little study that says users of the iPhone are more inclined to have a lot more sex partners than the average Joe and go run out and get an iPhone because of it. But, let’s hold off for a second and really break down why the findings of this survey turned out the way they did, shall we?

– Those with iPhones are more likely to be young professionals with disposable income. In other words, the perfect section of people that are out there dating, yet still with enough job responsibilities and hopes of upward mobility to make a lasting relationship with a single person work. Instead, they’re just out there on the town, looking for as little commitment as possible, banging away.

– Those with iPhones are more likely to be living in urban environments such as San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles, where they can take advantage of the various iPhone apps that have been created to find the right place to eat/get your hair cut/get a massage with a happy ending. Blackberries and what-not allow you to access the Internet and check your email, but that’s about it. However, since that’s all that the residents of the suburbs and Middle America are looking for, they’ll tend to purchase the cheaper Blackberry instead of the pricier iPhone. (Does that make enough sense? There’s a good chance I’m just rambling with this point. Or drunk. One of those two.)

– Newer, hipper things are reserved mostly for those in their late 20s-early 30s. That is the age range of the first adapters because they are in that perfect time frame where they are making a decent wage but don’t have to waste it on a significant other or children. This is also, not surprisingly, the age rage that is most likely to be out there having a whole lot of casual sex.

I guess what I’m trying to say in all of this — in between the ranting, that is — is that buying an iPhone isn’t going to get you any more sex partners than before. It’s not about the equipment that you have, it’s how you use it. I know plenty of guys out there who are having just fine sex lives without using a smart phone of any kind. An iPhone, a Blackberry, or any of those things aren’t going to get you any MORE laid. So please, don’t purchase the iPhone because you think it’s going to get you more action. It’s not.

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