How To Make Her Fantasize About You

What Women Really Fantasize About

If you have a girlfriend or sexually open female friends, then chances are you know about the Chippendales, the touring male stripper act. Women go absolutely CRAZY for the Chippendales ? they have the time of their life screaming for these guys to take their clothes of for them, and they talk about for weeks afterwords.

And they pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of doing this.

Of course, these guys look great and I?m sure they?re great dancers as well. But here?s the funny thing…

Chippendales is a wildly successful act, raking in millions of dollars a year mostly from attractive women. Yet, 99% of other male stripper acts have failed horribly, and are thought of as ?cheesy? by women. This is despite the fact that the other male stripper acts have guys who look just as good, and who dance pretty much the same way.

So, why do women go wild for Chippendales, but think of other male strippers as ?cheesy? or ?weird??


If you look closely at how Chippendales promotes their dancers, you?ll see the difference immediately. Other male strip clubs promote their male dancers the same way as their female dancers. They just put a bunch of anonymous male bodies up on a poster, and hope the women come in to see them.

This works great to get MEN excited, but it has been a horrible failure at getting WOMEN excited.

Chippendales, on the other hand, understands that women need more than just a fit body to fantasize about. They need to fantasize about a man with a SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE IDENTITY.

This is why on the latest Chippendale posters, you?ll see that every male dancer on there has an IDENTITY. One is dressed as a firefighter, with an open jacket so you can see his abs. Another one is dressed as rock-star, wearing only a guitar. And my personal favorite ? a model-looking guy with no blemishes on his body is dressed as an MMA fighter, complete with gloves and a fake octagon cage in the background.

THIS is the key to Chippendale?s success. They understand that in order to get the hot women screaming to pay money to see guys naked, they need to give them a sexually attractive IDENTITY.


Although you probably have no interest in getting women to pay you for dancing in a thong, you can take advantage of this same principle to get a better sex life. This is because if you develop a sexually attractive identity yourself, then it?ll be much easier for women to fantasize about YOU. Here?s what I mean by this:

Suppose a woman meets two men who are equal in every way. Except ? one of them is an accountant, and the other one is a bass guitarist in a rock band. Which one of them do you think she?s going to fantasize about?

The rock star, or course. He has a more sexually attractive identity than the accountant, so all things being equal he?s going to win out. She?s going to have a very hard time picturing herself having multiple orgasms with some mid-level accountant ? but it?ll be very EASY for her to fantasize about having multiple orgasms with the rock star.

This is why musicians, fighters, etc. typically attract hordes of beautiful women despite being broke and emotionally unstable. It?s also the reason why most accountants and engineers have trouble attracting ANY women, despite making much more money.


So you might be asking yourself right now, ?but I AM an accountant (or some other thing not typically desired by women). How can I get a sexually attractive identity??

Here?s how: although it?s great if your career or full-time job is your identity, it doesn?t necessarily have to be. All women will care about is that you have something in your life that you?re passionate about ? and even if it?s just a hobby, that?ll be enough for her.

For example, suppose that you are a software developer by day, but you also train in martial arts. If you?re passionate about it, than a woman will sexually fantasize about you as a martial artist ? it?ll be enough to fuel her fantasies.


Here are some good sexual identities that women fantasize about:

— Super-dominant guys (athletes, fighters, executives, men with power, etc.)
— Masters of emotion (artists, actors, musicians, etc.)
— Unpredictable, interesting guys (entrepreneurs, inventors, etc.)

The key to choosing the right one for you is to pick one that already aligns with your interest, and to really focus on developing your talent in that area.


Now, just having a sexually attractive identity will turn her on. But what will REALLY drive her wild is if you have a sexually attractive identity, and you have a bedroom style that matches that identity. Here?s what I mean by this:

If you?ve assumed the identity of a super-dominant guy (fighter, executive etc.) then what she?ll fantasize about is you dominating her in bed. Because of this, it?s super-important that you have a strong mastery of techniques to turn her on with Dominance, because this is what she?ll primarily be looking for when she has sex with you.

Same thing if you?ve assumed the identity of a Master of Emotion, or of an Unpredictable, Interesting guy. You need to MASTER the sexual techniques that fit your identity, so you can give her exactly what she fantasizes about.


In the Sex God Method, I show you the four types of identities that women fantasize about, and how to embody each one. I also show you sexual techniques tailored to each bedroom ?style,? so you?ll be able to give her orgasms in a completely unique way that is all your own.

If you want to learn how to drive her wild in bed by bringing out your naturally sexually attractive characteristics, check out the Sex God Method.


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