Life’s Big Questions: To Swear Or Not To Swear

Our friend’s over at recently posted this argumentative essay regarding the use of swearing in everyday conversation. Here’s a little snippet of the intro:

As soon as humans developed language, they probably also learned how to swear. Swearing exists in most cultures and languages, and is taboo in the vast majority of them. But men often seem incapable of removing swearwords from their lexicon. Sure, swearing has its uses; it emphasizes points and emotional expressions well, and it can be used for comic or dramatic effect. Some studies have even shown that a swearword can physically reduce pain, like when you stub your toe.

But since these uses are most effective in moderation, when did using a swearword in every other sentence become acceptable?

It’s time to put a stop to the use of swearing in everyday conversation. There are reasons these words are designated as taboo.These reasons haven’t changed, so here is a little reminder of the damage overuse can do.

To which we got to say: Fuck you!

Now, don’t get us wrong, they make a few good points regarding trying to keep the swearing to as much of a minimum as possible … if you’re a goddamn pussy! Do you think a motherfucker like, oh let’s fucking say, Albert Swearengen gave a cocksucking shit who the fuck he was around when he let loose a ghastly fuck-torrent on surrounding assholes and bastards? Of course not! Here’s the evidence:

So, the question remains folks, should you swear in everyday conversation? I mean, Jesus-fuck-on-a-bloody-stump-of-a-cunt, is there really any other goddamn of a motherfuck way to express yourselves in this bitch of a fucking world?

And yes, this entire post was just an excuse to (a) post a video of Deadwood; and (b) come up with the most unique swear words we could come up with. We honestly only condone swearing when it is absolutely necessary, not just when you gosh darn golly want to. It makes it all the more powerful when you do break out the cusses.

So, happy Monday all! Have a fucking good one!

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