How The Half Hour Orgasm Feels For YOU

My most controversial technique ? and the one which women happen to love the most ? has to be the Half Hour Orgasm technique. This is the one which lets you keep her in an orgasmic state for 10, 20, or even 30 minutes continuously.

Now, if you?re struggling to give women regular orgasms, this might be tough to wrap your head around. After all, it is a concept which is WAY beyond the sexual realities of most men. So let me tell you a story from my own sex life which will shed some light on how the Half Hour Orgasm technique feels for YOU.

Now as you know, when I first started having sex I was terrible. In fact, I was so bad that I committed to doing ANYTHING IT TOOK to learn how to give women orgasms. And I had a lot of breakthroughs along the way. The first time I gave a woman an orgasm. The first time I used Dominance. The first time I used bedroom talk to turn her on. And while all these were great, my favorite by far has to be the first time I gave a woman the Half Hour Orgasm.

Here?s how it went down:

Ironically enough, I was having an incredibly shitty day when I first successfully gave my girlfriend the half hour orgasm. I?d been working on it for a while, so I always thought things would be *perfect* when I finally got it. But this wasn?t how it actually went down. That day, like most days back then, I went to work at my old 9-5 job. It paid pretty well, but I hated it because of my boss. She was about 45 years old and maybe 300 lbs, and I don?t think she had a date in the past ten years. And that day, she decided to take it all out on me.

So when I came home, I was pretty stressed out. I sat down to watch some TV? and then my girlfriend called. I actually thought about not picking up, just because I was so pissed from my day at work and didn?t really want to talk to anyone. But for some reason, I picked up anyways.


?Hey Dan, it?s Julia?can I come over??

Again, I thought about making up an excuse. She?d been nagging me about a few annoying little things lately, and I didn?t really need more of that. But despite all that, I really liked this girl. So I told her she could come. An hour later, she was at my house. We talked for a while, then she sat under a blanket with me on the couch. It was dark, and it felt good to be so close to her. I started kissing her neck, but she didn?t seem too interested. Fortunately, I?d studied some kissing techniques and I knew what she liked. I kept at it, and slowly turned her on through kissing her and touching her body. And soon, she was kissing me back a little. And then a lot. Then, suddenly, she took my hand and brought me up to the bedroom.

After some more foreplay, I started going down on her. I used everything which I knew about oral sex, and somehow it just all came together. More quickly than ever before, she started moving her hips up to meet my mouth. In less than ten minutes, she was orgasming. And orgasming HARD.

She lay there, breathless for a minute afterwards. Then she got up, and without a word started sucking my cock. I talked dirty to her as she did and this just turned her on more. She was dripping wet when I first penetrated her ? she felt amazing. In the missionary position, I thrust into her as I whispered into her ear that she belonged me. That turned her on so much, she came again.

And this is when I realized ? she?s had TWO orgasms now. Back then, this was a very, very rare occurrence for me. And I decided, let?s see how far this rabbit hole goes. How many times can I make her cum?

I started fucking her doggy style, spanking her as I did. And before I knew it, she was orgasming AGAIN. I had never been so turned in my life. It was amazing and beautiful, to see her giving herself to me over and over again as she had body-shaking orgasms.

We switched back to the missionary position, and I thrust as deep as I could inside her. She moaned in ecstasy. I looked deep into her eyes, as I continued fucking her. She started moaning louder and louder, and she got more and more turned on?

And this is when I finally noticed.

She?d had three distinct orgasms before ? but now it wasn?t the same. Now there was no peak of pleasure, and then coming down to normal. Now, it felt like she was orgasming CONTINUOUSLY. She had orgasms, then STAYED at an intense high level of arousal. The entire time, she was moaning and clawing at my back exactly like she did normally ? only this time, it didn?t stop!

As you can imagine, this drove me wild. I kept up the pace, as I talked dirty and emotional to her. I also used some of my ?Sexual JuJitsu? thrusting techniques to make it feel even better for her, and to increase my stamina. To feel her continuously orgasming, her entire body contorting and totally out of control, was the most intense sexual thrill I had ever felt in my life. It felt like heaven. Thank God I?d learned how to last as long as I wanted or I would have blown my load right there.

Using my Sexual JuJitsu and some of my other techniques for lasting longer, I was able to keep her orgasmic state going for fifteen minutes straight. Fifteen minutes where the world seemed to melt away around us, and the only thing we could feel was this incredible intense feeling of raw sexual pleasure. And if you?ve felt this, then you know there?s nothing in the world which can compare to this. Nothing.

Finally when I couldn?t take it any longer, I finished. She moaned one final time and clasped me tightly as I exploded deep inside her. Afterwards I lay on top of her, my cock still inside her. I felt an intense satisfying and pleasurable exhaustion coursing through my body. What the hell had just happened? I felt like the world was still spinning, I was unable to move.

She lay beneath me, eyes glassy with contentment. She let out a little high pitched gasp every few moments, as a post-orgasmic shudder coursed through her body. And her legs. Her inner thighs were shaking, quivering with involuntary muscle contractions. She told me she couldn?t walk.

I?ll remember how she looked forever, her entire body shaking and spasming. It was beautiful. Later, she confirmed what I thought. What she?d experienced was a continuous orgasm. She said that she?d came so many times, her orgasms ?blended together.? She said it was the most amazing thing she?d ever experienced in her life, and being a guy who?s gone through a lot of sexual failure, this felt absolutely AMAZING to hear.

If you?d like to give a woman the ?Half Hour Orgasm? so you can have sexual experiences like this, then check out my book. I teach you everything you need to know to reach this level of sexual ecstasy with a woman. And, I walk you step by step through the technique to make it easy for you.

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