Necessary Reading: Getting on the Bartender’s Good Side

There are not many ad campaigns currently out there as completely awful as the series of Miller Lite commercials where hot lady bartenders ask guys if they care what beer they are ordering. Here’s an example:

First of all, there is NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD who has ever responded to a bartender asking them if they care what their beer tastes like by saying “Nah! I don’t care!” Second of all … there’s NOT A SINGLE BARTENDER IN THE WORLD who ever asked that stupid fucking question. Maybe, questions along the line of do you like this or do you like that, but not an asshole question of “do you care how it tastes?”

In any case, the ads DO bring up a big point when it comes to going out to any bar: Do not fuck with the bartender!

There are few places in life where a single person holds your fate in your hand. A bar is definitely a dictatorship. If the bartender doesn’t want to serve you, they won’t. If they want to charge you for a glass of ice with a small amount of alcohol, they can. If they just don’t like the look of you and want to kick your ass out, they’ll alert the bouncer and you’ll have to move along to the next bar. Which is why getting on the bartender’s side is the most important thing someone can do at any bar.

With that in mind, today we’re pointing you towards’s list of 10 Ways To Befriend The Bartender. Here’s an example:

No.8 – Sweet talk

Here’s some simple advice for approaching female bartenders. Brooke Arthur of San Francisco’s Prospect advises to tip her well and she’ll remember you. “If you call me honey, baby or sweetheart, I’ll act like I don’t know you.” It’s just like hitting on a colleague: good idea, but not a great idea.

Leave your sweet talk at home gentlemen, is the point. That shit’s condescending and can only hurt you in the long run. Treating her with the respect of a co-worker will go a long way. In any case, the entire article is worth reading before you head out for a weekend out on the town.

Enjoy, folks.

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