Three Sex Techniques Stolen From Lesbians

Learning Sex Tricks from Lesbians

The other day I was talking with a few of my female friends. Now, this was a real interesting conversation because these girls were hot, very open and honest about sex, and also BISEXUAL.

Because they?d been with both men and women, these girls had a perspective on sex that most women just don?t have. So I decided to find out why they were attracted to women, and if the sex with women was really as good as the sex they had with men. So I asked, ?So what?s the deal?who?s better in bed, women or men??

The answers, with no hesitation:


?Definitely women.?

?Women, of course.?

After hearing this, I had to find out ?what exactly did these women do in bed which made them so good? And would it be possible for men to use some of these techniques and give women orgasms? Over the course of a long conversation, I discovered that the reason why lesbians were usually better in bed came down to three main things. And even better, I found out that it was possible for any man to do these same things in bed, and give women pleasure in the same way. So here are the top 3 sex techniques stolen from lesbians that you can use to give her sexual pleasure:


The biggest way in which lesbians are better in bed than most men is that they give better oral sex. Ask any bisexual woman, and she?ll tell you the oral sex the average lesbian gives is FAR better than the oral sex the average man gives. This is because most men don?t have the fine-tuned sensitivity for how aroused she is. They go at one constant speed the entire time, just like you see in porn.

Lesbians, on the other hand, understand that the key to giving her great oral is VARYING THE SPEED AND PRESSURE BASED ON HOW AROUSED SHE IS.

When they?re just starting, they tease and go VERY lightly. This is because before she?s been turned on, the clitoris is incredibly sensitive and anything harder than a soft tongue brush can been annoying or painful. But as she gets more and more turned on, lesbians gradually start applying more pressure and intensity to match her arousal. In fact, by the time she hits orgasms lesbians will usually go MUCH harder than most men dare to. And this drives her wild, because she?s aroused enough to want this degree of pressure.

And if you use vary the speed and pressure of oral sex to her arousal, she?ll respond MUCH better. Avoid flat-line, one speed cunnilingus and instead match the intensity of your stimulation to how aroused she is. And if you REALLY want to learn to drive her wild with oral sex, be sure to check out the ?Giving Her Screaming Orgasms Through Oral? chapter in the Sex God Method.


The other big sexual complaint about men I heard from bisexual women was that 90% of men literally did the SAME EXACT SEQUENCE OF THINGS in bed. It went like this: men would usually kiss the woman until she was adequately aroused to take off her shirt, then he would suck on her breasts for the minimum required time until she was ready for oral sex, then he would give her two minutes of obligatory cunnilingus until she was wet enough for intercourse, then as fast as possible he would start to penetrate her.


The problem with the ?standard male sequence? is that it gets very BORING when you do this night after night. Also, by doing this you?re missing out on the other powerful erogenous zones on her body, and therefore only giving her 1% of the sexual pleasure she could be experiencing. Lesbians, on the other hand, are not capable of having intercourse with women the normal way, as we think of it. In some ways, this is a handicap because women LOVE getting fucked. But it is also an advantage, because there is no racing towards a final ?goal.?

Instead, lesbians will take the time to stimulation all SIXTEEN of her erogenous zones (yes, there are sixteen of them). I can?t get into them all now, but for now just remember to avoid the ?standard male sequence.? Pay attention to her whole body, and she?ll respond MUCH more strongly.


The third big complaint about most men: after they ejaculate, they IMMEDIATELY stop thinking about her. They?ll go get a sandwich, or check their email, or just fall asleep (I personally used to do this all the time).

But lesbians, on the other hand, realized that when sex is over, it isn?t over. They realize that how you treat a woman AFTER sex is actually just as important to her as what you do DURING sex. In fact, lesbians will often spend 30-60 minutes holding their partner after sex, and telling them how amazing they were in bed. This is because women are MUCH slower to come down from their aroused state than men. And once she?s had a few orgasms with you, she?s in a very emotionally vulnerable state.

Although you probably didn?t have any intentions of hurting her by getting that sandwich, to her it feels like you fucked her and abandoned her. This is one of her most primal fears, and you want to avoid triggering it at all costs. Because if you do, she?ll actually REPRESS her sexual pleasure the next time you have sex. On the other hand, if you can give her a great ?afterglow? experience then she?ll be more eager to please you during sex, and will want to have sex much more often.

So if you just change these three things, you?ll instantly be better in bed than most men. Try them out tonight for yourself, and email me to let me know how they work for you.

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About Daniel Rose Daniel Rose is the author of the Sex God Method. He teaches men simple yet powerful ways to give women sexual pleasure through using her "Four Orgasm Triggers." Once you know what these are, and how to use each one, giving her an orgasm becomes as easy as flipping a switch or pressing a button.

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