What A Woman Will Learn About You From Your Home

Keep It Clean, Boys

You are out on a date and things are going very, very well.?So well, in fact, that she is primed and ready to head back to your place.

You may think that your home is date proof but do you really want to take that chance?? Women have a slightly

different standard when it comes to a clean home than most men. A man may think that if he has shoved all the dirty dishes out of sight and cleaned out the toilet that he is set to go.? A woman is not so easy.? She will notice that you have not vacuumed and definitely if your sheets are not clean.

It pays to know about the cultural background of the woman you hope to impress. For example, if you are hoping to impress and date an Indian woman you should spend the time in advance to learn about East Indian culture.

According to Sheila from www.indiandatingtoday.com, ?You will find out how to plan a special Indian dish that will surprise and delight your date.?Doing this actually shows you care. Incorporate East Indian touches to your home to really impress your date.?Any woman worth having is going to be interested in how well your home is kept.?

She will judge you by the atmosphere of your home and you could lose out.? Not to worry, it is easy to cover the basics of getting your home ready for a date.

Your date ready home check list should include the following:

??? ?Clean sheets and coverings
??? ?No trash in sight(or smell)
??? ?No clutter
??? ?Bathroom clean; tub, sink and toilet
??? ?Vacuumed floors
??? ?Clean counter tops

This is the very minimum you will have to do to give your date the right impression.?If you want to make a great impression there are some tricks you can easily do to really get her attention.

??? ?Spice it up.?Make sure every room in your house smells its best by spraying with lavender or vanilla.
??? ?Spa treatment.?Make your bathroom a spa by replacing all the half full bottles of shampoo and conditioner with a nice display of bath bubbles, bath salts and towels that match.?Turn off the overhead light and use a ?wickless? candle to create atmosphere.
??? ?Make sure your bedroom is soothing and inviting.?Invest in new bed covers and sheets that match.?Add some throw pillows on top and remove any signs that another woman has ever been there.?Opt for soft light bulbs.
??? ?Put fresh flowers around your home.?Women love fresh flowers and while she may figure out that you do not keep them everyday for yourself she will be impressed that you arranged them for her to see.
??? ?Lay on the sounds of love.?This means mood enhancing music.?Jazz is always a good choice or simply some background music that has woodwinds like the kind you hear during a massage.?Keep the volume low and set your CD to repeat so she is sure to hear it when the two of you get back to your place.

Think impact when you think about preparing your home for a date.? You want to make the best impression and your home is part of that.

If a woman is turned off by the way your home is cared for it is unlikely that she will stay the night or even return your phone calls.?It pays to take some of your time to prepare your home for a fantastic evening.

Decorating magazines are full of ideas if you truly have none of your own.?You can even enlist the help of a girl friend or relative who is sure to know what will impress your date. Just make sure you cover the basics and go on and add those extra touches that ladies love.?This way nothing will ruin your romantic evening and you will make a lasting impression on your date.

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About Ashok S. A little bit about me, I'm a first generation East Indian American clinical psychology doctoral student. One of the greatest joys in my life is my romantic relationship with my fiancée, Sheila. During the time I was dating looking for the right partner, I was shy and wasn't that good at getting the right girl's attention. It took me some years but was able to meet and date the right woman. So now four happy years later, Sheila and I decided to help others who want to date and have a long term relationship with an Indian women.

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