Does Penis Size Matter?

Is Five Inches Enough?

Just got this email from a subscriber, and I wanted to share it with you because I think every guy has wondered about this at one time or another.


1) Are you absolutely sure that dick length doesn?t matter much? Mine is only 5.25? bone-pressed while standing normally. My GF?s tented length is 3.5?, so she could probably comfortably take 7″. The reason I ask is because she makes some noise during sex, and the deeper I go, the more sound she makes. She also said that putting all her weight on me when she?s on top feels better. I imagine that if I had 7?, she?d be going crazy (although she may not have an orgasm, because she?s never had an orgasm in her life). I will try a vibrator onto her clit.

2) Would it create a contrast if I gave her a dildo that?s longer than me? A contrast that would make sex with me seem not as good? One woman I asked implied this. I have a Fleshlight that?s tighter than my GF, but I never use it for this reason. What if I gave her a rabbit vibrator that?s longer than me? Definitely not good?

Thanks again for your help,


Kevin, I?ve got lots of love for you and I?m going to answer all your questions in this newsletter. But first, I?d like you to take a bucket of ice water, dump it over your head, and slap yourself across the face a few times. Because dude, you?ve fallen into a very dangerous trap of thinking in the bedroom, and you need to SNAP OUT OF IT!

Let?s review the facts:

-Your girlfriend has never had an orgasm.

-You are singularly obsessed with genital measurements. This can be seen from the fact that you know what your penis size is down to the QUARTER INCH, and you know to ?bonepress? your tape measure for increased precision in your measurements. Sadly, I?ve had enough men writing into me with questions like this that I know what this means.

-You also know your girlfriend?s ?tented length? (even I don?t know what this means) down to the HALF INCH, by which I can only assume that you?ve taken out a tape measure and surveyed the dimensions of her vagina.

Now, there are two possible interpretations for this set of facts:

They certainly don't have to be this large.

The first interpretation is the one that you?re taking right now. The reason why your girlfriend isn?t having orgasms is because you?re just not big enough down there. This is the assumption most men make, and it is easy to see why. After all, your girlfriend ?makes more noise? during deeper penetration. You?ve seen countless porn videos of women seeming to love having sex even more with men with cocks the size of telephone poles. And most of all, in order to know all these obscure penis measuring techniques you are probably visiting some of the (surprisingly huge) forums and websites out there dedicated to the topic. Since there are literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of men on these websites who are also obsessed with adding another quarter inch to their size, this strongly reinforces the obsession with size in your own mind.

Because of this, you do things like:

– Jealously defend her vagina against sex toys which are an inch longer than you.

– Feeling insecure about your size and ?imagining if [you] had 7 inches, she?d be going crazy.?

– Spending your energy trying to increase your penis size and defend against 5.75 inch sex toys, and none trying to improve your sexual skills.

I?m going to make a suggestion to you about your beliefs which is going to seem a little hard to swallow at first. What I?m going to suggest is that although just about all men fall into this trap of thinking, this way of thinking about penis size is completely, utterly, 100% WRONG. Here?s why:

First of all, most of the ?evidence? for the belief system that size is crucial to give a woman pleasure has been severely misinterpreted. Your girlfriend makes more noise during deeper penetration, but this is mostly because of the greater psychological Dominance which she feels from deep penetration, not so much the physical sensation of an extra .75 inch of penis inside her vagina.

Also, the women in porn are PAID ACTRESSES. Saying ?the girls in porn SEEM like they love big penises, so all girls must love big penises? is like saying ?Sylvester Stallone didn?t SEEM like he minded being punched in the face in the Rocky movies, so ALL men must not mind being punched in the face.? You have to realize that porn is acting just as much as a movie or a play is acting ? and what?s true in a dramatic production is not necessarily true in real life.

Finally, I can guarantee that all these men on these ?penis enlargement? forums SUCK IN BED. If they didn?t they?d be out having great sex rather than trying to be the guru of adding .125 inches to your penis online. And if that wasn?t enough, consider these facts:

– Shockingly enough, when women buy dildos they usually don?t buy the 18-inch baseball bat variety. These are most often purchased as jokes, and most often women physically prefer something between 4 and 6 inches.

– An even more telling fact: sex researchers testing the sexual preferences of women found that most women could not differentiate between objects with up to two inches difference in length when they were inserted into her vagina. In other words, many women erroneously reported that a 5-inch inch object was actually 7 inches, and vice versa. And this was in a clinical laboratory setting! With all the psychological stimulation real sex provides, you can bet that she has even less ability to even notice what your real size is. Finally, think about this:

– Deep penetration can be very exciting, but there are multiple sexual positions which allow you to achieve very deep penetration even if you have a 2 or 3 inch penis. I teach 3 of these in the Sex God Method alone.

– Ask any woman, and she?ll tell you that the psychological excitement of sex is much more important than the physical side of sex. And in fact, this is why larger penises ARE better ? kind of. A larger penis provides more psychological stimulation for her, because it?s more dominant. So yes, penis size does matter.

But ? it?s insignificant compared to the other ways that you can turn a woman on with Dominance. Your skills in talking

dirty to her, your ability to manhandle her in a way which will turn her on, and your sexual confidence all are much more important. I?m sure that your girlfriend would much prefer that you spent your time and energy learning how to do THESE things, rather than learning how to add an imperceptible quarter inch to your penis.

And the nail in the coffin:

There are MANY men out there who are average or below averaged sized, who are giving women multiple screaming orgasms every single night. I myself am a scant five inches (about .274831 inches less that you!), and I give women orgasms all the time. I have literally HUNDREDS of students who have told me that they give women orgasms despite being of below average size.

I recommend that you give my book, the Sex God Method, a trial run for 30 days. Try every single technique in the book at my risk. I?m confident that with the sexual skills you?ll learn in there, you?ll be giving women orgasms within DAYS and enjoying sex more mind-blowing than you ever thought possible within a WEEK ? regardless of your penis size.

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