Internet Must Read: How Not To Online Date

So, another round of the bars over the weekend failed again, eh? You met a bunch of people, maybe even got a few numbers from ladies, but none of them are really long-term options. Nothing more than just a booty call here or there, which means it’s just another week of waiting for the weekend to start the diabolic circle all over again.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Many of you have probably already dipped your toe into the world of online dating, but for a variety of reasons it just didn’t take. Maybe you didn’t get the response you were hoping, or didn’t find the type of girl you were looking for. Well, maybe it’s time to try it again. But first, give this article over at Men’s Health a read.

The article details the five mistakes that guys make while online dating. Of the five, this is the one that hit home the hardest:

Mistake 4: The Profile Length Problem

Think of your ideal lady as Goldilocks. Your profile should be neither too long, nor too short?you?re aiming for just right. When I see a guy who?s written over 1,000 words on his profile, I think he?s self-centered, long-winded, and not nearly as interesting as he thinks he is. If I see a guy with only one to five words per ?essay? box, I assume he?s lazy, not actually interested in meeting women, or has nothing of value to say.

Do this instead: Try to make your entire profile reach 500 words. Talk about things you like, things you do, and things you?d like to do. Be honest, and be yourself (I know, I know). And, just a little pet peeve?keep it positive! Negativity is an epic and somewhat scary turnoff.

If it’s one thing I’ve been guilty of it’s making these profiles WAY too long. What can I say? I’ve been known to be long-winded. Well, no more! Now, fictional online dating profiles, you only get the basic facts! In any case, the whole thing is worth giving a read, especially if you’re thinking about getting back into that world of online dating.

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