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How To Give A Great Compliment

Tips To Make It Count

Most of us know when we have received an insincere compliment.?We also know that giving compliments can be tricky.

How can you give a sincere sounding compliment without being overly enthusiastic?? If you do not know how to comfortably do this, you risk coming off as fake and the other person is not likely to appreciate it.

Sheila, an expert on East Indian Dating, suggests:

?Even if you meant what you said as a positive, a poorly timed or overly ?gushy? compliment will be perceived as insincere.?It is almost better to not compliment someone at all if you have not learned how to do it properly.?

The Elements of a Sincere Compliment

? Timing. If you work closely with someone and see them on a daily basis you should give the compliment as soon as you are aware of their achievement or recognition.?If you do not see your co-worker on a daily basis, it?s alright to take a couple of days to compliment their achievement.

? Audience.?Never give a compliment unless there is someone else around to hear you give it. This way the person receiving the compliment is more likely to believe you are sincere since you have spoken in a positive way about them in front of others.?Another way to do this is to send a written note or email congratulating them on their success.

? Tone. Your tone is important as well.?Keep your compliment simple and warm but do not gush and go on and on.?For instance, your co-worker has been working on a big project and gotten a promotion.?When the time is right and there

A butt slap isn't appropriate unless you're playing sports.

are several others around, simply make a point of giving them a warm smile and say ?Congratulations, I hear you really did a great job?.?Shake hands or give a pat on the back. Your tone is appreciative of their recognition but not overly enthusiastic.

The worst thing you can do is compliment someone on something that is obviously untrue. Avoid compliments about personal things like weight or appearance.

Opt for simple compliments on things like the quality of a person?s work or if it is a social situation, how nice it has been to enjoy a great conversation with someone. Learning how to give a sincere compliment can help you at work and in your personal life.

The best compliment is one that comes naturally.

For more advice, visit Indian Dating Today.

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