Insta-Link: Girls In Hot Halloween Costume Paint

The older I get, the more I believe that Halloween is really just a widespread conspiracy us heterosexual men have created in order to get women to be comfortable walking around wearing sexy outfits. Kind of like the holiday version of Hooters. The holiday is 24 days away, and I’m already feeling giddy about it. What are the big costumes going to be this year? Sexy Snooki? Sexy Christine O’Donnell? Sexy iPad? Who knows? And, since we’re going to get a wide array of flesh on display anyway (which should be included in some kind of rap song), does it really matter?

To get us more and more excited about the upcoming holiday, the folks over at COED magazine have put together a gallery of the sexiest Halloween costumes for ladies to wear out this season. The catch? They’re not really so much “costumes” as much as they are “different designs and colors of paint splashed onto their bodies.” See what I mean:

So, yes. The gallery is probably worth taking a look at. But the most important thing we should use this space for is detailing our favorite costumes that the ladies should be thinking about wearing this Halloween. Feel free to cite your favorite costume in the comments below. And ladies, feel free to use these suggestions. And then invite me to your party as well.

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