Survey Says … People Use Facebook For Sex

Sex surveys are apparently all the rage this week. First, there?s the popular survey that?s going around (which we highlighted yesterday) that pretty much says Americans are getting nastier and nastier. And now we have another survey to examine, this one from Men?s Health examining the relationship of sex and Facebook.

Some of the interesting results from the survey:

  • 24 percent of folks don?t list their relationship status in order to keep their options open.
  • 17 percent of users check their ex?s Facebook page at least once a week.
  • 3 percent of people have broken up with their boy/girlfriends by simply changing their relationship status on Facebook. (Motherfuckers.)
  • 23 percent have hacked into their significant other?s account.
  • 5 percent have used Facebook to facilitate cheating on their significant others.

The whole thing is really worth clicking over to. It?s not shocking at all that people are utilizing Facebook in order to get laid. (I?m positive that people were using Friendster to pick up sexual encounters whenever that was in style, which was what, 1984 or something?) But it is always interesting to see how many people are using it ? and how they?re using it.

How do you guys use Facebook when it comes to sex? Feel free to comment below.

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