Better Ways to Lose Your Belly

So Long, Fad Diets

Starving yourself won?t do it, fad diets won?t do it and magic pills and potions won?t do it ? but that doesn?t mean that there is no good way to burn off that spare tire.? If you want to take your mid section from keg to six pack, give some of these alternative methods of flattening your stomach a try.

Opt for Real over Fantasy

Fantasy sports leagues can be fun, they can be addicting and they might even help to line your pockets with some green at the end of the season if you do enough research ? but they certainly won?t help to get rid of your gut. Rather than spending your evenings studying up on which running back to start this Sunday, you could actually get out and do some running yourself.

Join a flag football league, an indoor basketball league or take up racquetball. You?ll get the very same competitive fire that you do from participating in your fantasy league, but the massive increase in activity will help you shed plenty of excess weight.

Pre-meal Prep

Instead of relying on diet pills to curb your appetite use good old H2O. Drink an eight ounce glass of water prior to diving into your breakfast, lunch or dinner. The water has zero calories and will help to fill your belly a bit, meaning that you?ll have to consume less at each meal to feel satisfied. As an added bonus, making this water consumption part of your before meal routine will also help to ensur3e that you are adequately hydrated.

Watch Your Cold Beverages

You can eat boiled chicken and broccoli all day long, but if your beverage intake is comprised entirely of empty calorie drinks like soda, booze and whip cream covered coffee concoctions you?ll still have a seriously tough time losing excess pounds. Stick to water, black coffee, unsweetened tea and other zero calorie options if you want to be able to eventually see that six pack.

Go Green

Choosing to leave your car in the driveway whenever possible and opting for a more eco-friendly form of transportation like walking or riding a bike can have a dramatic effect on your weight loss efforts. Riding your bike to and from work, the post office and the store will add a tremendous amount of activity to your weekly routine and it will really help to increase the overall calories that you are expending.

You can further increase your calorie burning efforts by opting for a more manual form of transportation inside as well. The more times per day you opt for the stairs over the elevator, the faster you?ll see the results that you want from your weight loss efforts.

Get Some Rest

Getting enough sleep is crucial to your health and recent studies have proven that it can have a big effect on your fat burning efforts as well. Research from a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine reveals that the amount of sleep that you get can drastically affect the amount of body fat that you burn.

According to the study, when subjects received eight+ hours of sleep per night they burned as much as 55% more body fat then when they got only five and a half hours sleep. Late night talk shows aren?t all that funny anymore anyway and you can catch the very same highlights on Sports Center in the morning, so turn off the TV and hit the hay at a reasonable hour ? you?ll not only feel better, but you?ll have an easier time getting rid of your gut.


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