The Coolest Accessory To Wear in a Club

The Importance of a Slim Tie

Everyone knows standing out in a club can be difficult ? unless you happen to have a great looking face and body. We see it every time we go out: some guys tend to have an aura around them while others go around unnoticed.

Besides competition from some of those genetically gifted men, we face another problem when trying to stand out in a club: the lights. It?s pretty dark in there and, even though people look around and try to figure out the social order, you want to be perceived as having a status as high as possible.

One of the cheapest ways to standing out through your clothing style is to wear an accessory. Accessories are cool, cost less than clothing (some of them) can instantly communicate something about you. Here?s why?

Clothes have a purpose: they keep us warm. Accessories, on the other hand, serve no useful purpose. They are there to make us stand out.

Now that this is clear, it?s obvious one of the absolute best ways of getting noticed by women in a club is to wear an accessory. The only question that needs to be answered is? which one?

One of my secret accessories I personally wore last night in the club was?

? a slim tie.


There are plenty of reasons to wear ties but the most important one is this:

A tie is big enough to get noticed in the dark (provided you make some contrast).

Think about it: if you wear a watch, it?s hard for anyone to see it in a dark, crowded place. A bracelet has the same faith. A hat would look nice but hats are usually worn outside.

A slim tie, however, has lost of advantages:

– It?s big enough for everyone to notice.
– It elongates your body, making yourself look taller.
– It shows you have class.
– One of its ends points to your crotch, sending unconscious signals to women.
– It?s cheap to buy.
– It goes well with shirts as well as t-shirts.

I?ve had most girls checking me out last night, wearing my pink tie with a black shirt. And you will, too. If you?re a clubber, you already have the shirts or t-shirts? all you need is a small investment in a slim tie.

Here?s how to buy it?

When you start looking for one or two ties, make sure you?re wearing the exact shirt you?re planning to match it with. This is critical, if you don?t want to waste your money. The best way to see if a tie matches a shirt is to wear them together. Imagining it simply won?t do.

That?s it! I hope you enjoyed one of my best gold nuggets and start wearing those slim ties.

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