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How to Buy Golf Clubs

What To Take To The Links

Is golf the coolest sport in the world? Well, (insert the obligatory Tiger Woods and Waffle House reference or get to the same point with a picture of ), no. Can you play without a real fear of breaking your nose or tearing up your knees? Yes.

The beautiful thing about golf is that you can always compete with your friends, no matter how long you?ve played or how good you are. That?s why the handicap system exists. If you?re a scratch golfer and your buddy is a bogey golfer (basically you shoot a 72 for 18 compared to 90 for 18) then you can give him a stroke per hole and see who wins. It?s like boxing with one hand tied behind your back or playing major league baseball with Aaron Miles on your team. However, unlike baseball or boxing, equipment in golf is key and can vary wildly. (I assume you?re not using a milk carton for a glove playing baseball, or if you are, all your friends are as well.) A pickup game of golf with a stick and a rock is, well, possible, but just not as fun as baseball that way.

If you?re going to play golf, you?re going to need a set of clubs. So, here are your options for golf clubs beyond a bunch of different length tree branches. (Why am I writing this after ski equipment? Both are great ways to plan a trip around and escape winter blahs.)

Hand Me Down Set of Clubs

Pros: Free, unless your Mom or Dad really need cash.

Cons: Clubs are probably at least 20 years out of date with technological updates.

Other: If you play with retirees, you?ll fit right in.

Used Set of Clubs

Pros: You could probably find a set of clubs on Craigslist that are ?decent? for less than $100.

Cons: The set of clubs could have been owned previously by a guy three feet tall.

Other: If you see the word ?vintage? attached to clubs, that?s not a good thing. Think about a ?vintage? football helmet.

New ? Inexpensive Clubs

Pros: Can spend about $200 (or here) and get a decent set of irons and woods with new technology.

Cons: $200 is a quite a bit more than ?free.?

Other: How often are you playing? Consistent play comes easier with better equipment, but you have to play consistently to actually make a difference. $200 is probably right on the border of what you want to pay as you start to play every other week and before you actually play as much as a retiree in Boca Raton.

New ? Expensive Clubs

Pros: Just like a Porsche looks and drives better than a Corolla, these clubs will look and work fantastically.

Cons: A set of irons will set you back around $700 to $1000, and that?s before your driver, fairway metal and hybrid clubs.

Other: Yes, better equipment will help your game, but buying this equipment won?t make up for holes in your swing. However, unless there are more serious technological updates to golf equipment in the future, this is the last set of clubs you?ll ever need.

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