America: Now With Sex Toy Drive-Thrus!


Well, hell. This is now a thing.

Pleasures, a sex toy chain in Alabama, is apparently sick and tired of their customers complaining about having to actually leave their automobiles in order to purchase their sex toys. I mean, who would want to go through the indignity of leaving the sanctity of your car, walk the twenty feet or so to the store’s entrance, so you can purchase an item to put into your asshole and/or vagina like, say, this one:
So, instead of losing business, the company went ahead an added a drive-thru to their store. Obvious solution! It opens up this weekend:

On Saturday, Pleasures of Hunstville, run by the legendary free-enterprise champion Sherri Williams, will have Pleasures Party Girls giving out vacation tickets, lube and gift cards to the first customers who show up to its new, state-of-the-art sex window. Sadly, there won’t be naked female tellers at this drive-up dispenser, only cloaked and anonymous sex slaves who offer the store’s wares via a deposit slot.

All that’s really left to say is that Leo Getz was apparently speaking literal when he showed his disdain for drive thrus:

Have a nice weekend, everyone.

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Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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